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Hugi 240 Hubs(13 posts)

Hugi 240 HubsLigon
Oct 3, 2001 6:26 AM
I am condsidering building up a set of Mavic open pro's using this hub. Anybody have any thoughts on the hubs?
Good or Bad.

Thanks in advance,
re: Hugi 240 HubsJay
Oct 3, 2001 11:31 AM
I have a 240 on my rear set of Speeddreams. Other than having superloud prawls, it's been reliable and good. I've taken the hub about 1000 miles since July and it's held up very well. Just needs some grease now and then but then every hub needs that..

re: Hugi 240 Hubsrower
Oct 3, 2001 5:28 PM
great hubs. they are loud, more so than the kings.
re: Hugi 240 HubsLigon
Oct 3, 2001 5:42 PM
I have some Kings on my mountian bike and they are very loud. I would build the wheels with them but they are not campy compatable. The 2002 Hugi are compatable. Are they really louder?
re: Hugi 240 HubsLeisure
Oct 4, 2001 1:39 AM
I've got Kings on my mtb as well, and I don't think that Hugi's hubs (road or mountain) are as loud as King's mountain hubs. Anybody know off-hand if King's road hubs are quieter than their mountain counterparts?
If King's mtb hubs aren't offensively loud for you, I doubt Hugi hubs will be either. Personally, I like the sound.
loud hubs..Jay
Oct 4, 2001 10:38 AM
I think my Zipp 440's on my set of 404's are louder than the Hugis.. I wound up switching out my speeddreams on my commuter to my original set of Mavic Open Pros laced to a Shimano Ultegra hub.. Ohhhh the quietness, which means I can sneak into my cubicle and out of the building alot better than before. :-)

Got a question about my Hugi 240.cyclinseth
Oct 4, 2001 4:08 AM
It seems to have a lot of resistance to it compared to my DA hub. When I have the bike upside down and spin the cranks backward the wheel starts spinning as well, this does not happen with my DA hub. I talked to Dave (Thomas) about this and he said that it might be that it spins better when the hub is under pressure (ie when I'm riding the bike).

Do any of you notice this same thing? Know what the problem is?
I'd say bearing adjustment or sticky pawlsjw25
Oct 4, 2001 7:20 AM
I don't have any Hugi hubs, but my experience with Shimano parts has shown 2 causes of what you mention.
If the bearings are adjusted too tightly, it might cause the freehub to do this, but as the Hugi's use cartridge bearings, that's probably not it. If the bearings are relatively new, there might be some seal drag, which could cause this. It'll go away with use, though.
More likely in my mind is sticking or dirty pawls in the freehub. I had a Shimano freehub that was near-silent from accumulated gunk. It showed quite a bit of resistance when backpedaling, as well. I added a healthy shot of Prolink (but any decent lube should work), and after a few spins by hand, the clicking got quite a bit louder, and you could feel the resistance dropping.
With no schematic in front of me, I can't say how accessible the pawls are in Hugi hubs, but if you can get at them, it's worth a look.
Good luck.
I'd say bearing adjustment or sticky pawlsJofa
Oct 7, 2001 1:47 PM
They don't have pawls: they have two spring-loaded discs which present ratcheted faces to one another. The drag is a result of the fact that the discs have about 14 (or so) teeth on them, and that the spline mechanism which allows the disc to slide has such high drag as a result of its design, that the spring must be highly loaded, to ensure proper engagement... hence, the wheel turns when backpedalled.

The design is, to my mind, poor, in that it overbuilds a mechainism which never failed on ordinary hubs- the pawl engagement- and as a result, introduces a whole new problem, which is the spline in the (aluminum) freehub body. To advertise one obvious problem- the loud noise- as a desirable feature (which I often hear), is a success for the PR industry.
The Shimano hubs you mention are a lot better designed, and they also have a cheaply replaceable freehub mechanism should things go wrong.

Got a question about my Hugi 240.dsc
Oct 6, 2001 9:01 AM
Mine do the exact same thing. Since this is my first experience with these hubs, I don't know that there is actually a problem, as everything else seems to function just fine.
re: Hugi 240 HubsBryan
Oct 4, 2001 5:02 PM
Been riding Hugi 240's with Mavic Open Pro rims with DT Rev spokes 3x and alloy nipples for about a year now. No problems with the hubs whatsoever. Weight works out to 1554g total with rim tape and without skewers. If I had to do it again, I might go with standard DB spokes on the drive side in lieu of the Revolutions (I weigh in around 190lbs).

My understanding is that the older Hugis were REALLY loud and the newer ones aren't?? I haven't noticed anything substantially different from shimano hubs. I have a friend with Kings on his mtn bike and they seem quite a bit louder than the Hugi's on my road bike.
Yes, the new Hugi's on my MTB are quiet! (nm)mja
Oct 7, 2001 7:03 AM
re: Hugi 240 Hubsganderhead
Oct 8, 2001 4:37 AM

i evaluated for quite a long time which wheelset to buy. because i was unsure i contacted hügi in switzerland via mail. approximately half an hour after having sent the mail, i received a call from hügi. the very nice swiss guy told me there had been some probs with the early series of these hubs which have been fixed in the meantime. i relied on this **i heard the service shall be extremely good** and bought the wheelset with open pros and dt revolution spokes.
although i am not a light guy they never caused me any problems, even in our very wet middle- european weather conditions.

dont hesitate to buy them.... and never ever use any grease which is not certified by hügi...

br, marc