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shorter stem(2 posts)

shorter stemewit
Oct 1, 2001 12:57 PM
I have a little trouble reaching out to my hand grips . I have a road bike and my arms are straight out no bend in my elbows.I just completed a century and it was hard reaching out all the time. I need a few inches and I think I will be ok.I have a 4 inch stem if I go to a 2 inch It may be good but will it change my steering much . if it is not that much then I will do it.
re: shorter stemfredfal
Oct 2, 2001 8:05 PM
The stem length should be so that the handlebars completely cover up the front hub whenever you're in your most usual riding position (may be in the drops or on the hoods - personal preference). The stem is measured in cm from the center of the clamp to the center of the other clamp (it's also stamped on the inside of the handlebar clamp). Anyway, ride around the block and see how far forward of the front hub the handlebar currently is, this would give you an idea of what size stem to switch to. Hope this helps.