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Any Opinions on Niterider's New Blow Torch Headlight????(1 post)

Any Opinions on Niterider's New Blow Torch Headlight????Poulidor
Oct 1, 2001 11:09 AM
I have been commuting the last two years and this year I am going to invest in a headlight/taillight system so that I can extend my cycling season.
I was all set to buy the Niterider Classic Plus but I just saw that Niterider has just introduced the new bike mounted HID headlight called the Blow Torch.

Since it has just been introduced I doubt that anyone has any first-hand knowledge about the system but I was wondering if anyone on the board had first-hand experience with the Storm/Predator HID helmet-mounted system, since the light is the same, only the mounting system is different. I am particularly interested in reliability/durability since I ride over some pretty rough roads. I already checked out the reviews of the Storm sytem on MTBReview. Thanks for any input.