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A-head adjustment(6 posts)

A-head adjustmentDannyBoy
Oct 1, 2001 8:25 AM
I'm having trouble adjusting my headset, if you see my lengthy story on the Reynolds 853 thread....

DannyBoy "Reynolds 853." 10/1/01 9:11am

Is this normal, are a-head's normally a sod to get adjusted. This is brand new Chorus on a brand new custom frame, built by one of UK's best - if not surliest framebuilders???

After this I promise I'll stop hogging this page.
A little more info pleaseDave Hickey
Oct 1, 2001 8:46 AM
What is the problem with your headset? Is it too tight or too loose? When adjusting an ahead, you need to do the following:
1. Loosen the 2 screws holding the stem to the steerer tube-
just loosen so the stem moves freely around the tube.
2. Either tighten or loosen the topcap screw to adjust the headset tension.
3. after it's adjusted, re-tighten the stem screws
The fork is actually held in place with the stem, the headset is adjusted with the topcap screw. If you don't loosen the stem bolts first, adjusting the topcap will not do you any good.
A little more info pleaseDannyBoy
Oct 2, 2001 12:14 AM
Basically to recap, when I picked up the bike it was fine. After having the steerer cut down and the fork refitted it turned out the shop had over tightened it.

Thinking this was an easy thing to readjust I called shop for proceedure (as above), but I could only get it tight, or just about right but with a very small amount of play.

Took it back for the builder to sort, and it took him 45 mins to get it done just right. It's fine now.

My worry is that should an a-head take so long to dial in?? I have to remove fork soon to refit a seal on the lower headset race and I'm worried it'll be a mamouth job to get the h/s adjusted again. (1 1/8th Chorus).

Basically I'm worried the h/s might not be fitted correctly, although it's brand new and was fitted by UK's No.1 frame builder. Should I be worried. I recall adjusting the old type headset was a 5-10 min job at most!
A little more info pleaseDave Hickey
Oct 2, 2001 3:00 AM
Something doesn't sound right. I think an aheadset is much easier to adjust than the old style. Adjusting an ahead set is a 1 to 2 minute job. With the stem loose, all you have to do is turn the topcap allen until it's adjusted and then retighten the stem.
A little more info pleaseDannyBoy
Oct 2, 2001 4:56 AM
Looks like trouble - We'll see what happens when I fit the new seal on my lower race and have to pull it all apart.

Thanks for your comments!
threadless headsetsJohnno
Oct 4, 2001 12:46 AM
Have read your reports with interest, Dannny, as I too live in the UK and have experienced problems with UK framebuilders and bike shops - basically the problem is that although you press large wads of notes into their hands they know nothing about customer service. This irritated me so much that last year when looking for a new frame I went to someone who got me an Italian frame (Custom built)with less hassle - a pity, but true. I have a record threadless headset - it is easy to adjust. e-mail me if you want to discuss further.