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setting up Ultegra triple STI w/ double?(2 posts)

setting up Ultegra triple STI w/ double?Andrew
Sep 28, 2001 1:20 PM
I recently switched from a triple to double ultegra and am still using the triple STI levers. Shimano claims that these levers are fine when using a double but I can't get mine to shift smoothly. Is there a lock-out that changes this lever to double only? The way they are now it seems like there is an extra shift in the levers that isn't in my drive-train. How do you set these things up already?
By the way, I am a mountain biker who because of OLN is trying to get into this road thing, so any help is very much appreciated. Thanks, andrew
re: setting up Ultegra triple STI w/ double?grzy
Sep 28, 2001 1:32 PM
Same levers are used for both double and triple setups. Trick is to get "in phase" on your setup. probably has an instuction sheet online or you could get one from a LBS. Trick is to rmemeber that limit screws set the end stops while a barrell adjuster gets the phase right. You want to totally shift to the smaller ring and have a single large lever deflection put you on the big ring. Then there should be a half-shift for both CR's. If you've got the cable too short you'll have two positions for the small CR (whihc would correspond to the middle CR on a triple) and only one position on the larger CR. Another factor to consider is that both the front der. and the BB length are different on a triple setup. Trying to run a double with these componets will be problematic on the chainline and shifting performance. Fortunately they are relatively inexpensive items to replace.