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Which bolts are steel on campag record group?(13 posts)

Which bolts are steel on campag record group?Bikeman
Sep 27, 2001 11:42 PM
I know that the r. derailleur pivot & hangar bolt are Ti.
Also know that the chainring bolts are Aluminium.
But what about the cable clamp bolts, etc?
I'm not worried about the seatpost or pedals. Just the derailleurs, brakes, ergolevers & BB.
Thanks a million in advance!!
got a magnet?Dog
Sep 28, 2001 5:29 AM
Sorry if this seems obvious, but if have have the parts, just put a magnet on them. You'll know whether they are steel right away.

If you don't have the parts, and someone else doesn't know definitively, I'll check it out this weekend for you.

Sep 28, 2001 11:01 AM
This won't work on stainless steel - it's non-ferous. Still, dunnon how many bolts would be SS vice chrome plated.
Sep 28, 2001 11:31 AM
I thought stainless steel was low carbon steel with lots chromium added, but did contain iron. Hmm.

Sep 28, 2001 11:34 AM
Stainless steel is a family of iron based alloys that must contain at least 10.5% CHROMIUM (Cr). The presence of chromium creates an invisible surface film that resists oxidation and makes the material "passive" or corrosion resistant (i.e. "stainless"). This family can be simply and logically grouped into five (5) branches. Each of these branches has specific properties and a basic grade or "type." In addition, further alloy modifications can be made to "tailored" the chemical composition to meet the needs of different corrosion conditions, temperature ranges, strength requirements, or to improve weldability, machinability, work hardening and formability."

reading furtherDog
Sep 28, 2001 11:37 AM
It seems that some alloys are magnetic, and some aren't, depending upon the chromium and nickel content.

hooray for metallurgy!DrD
Sep 28, 2001 7:04 PM
Very true - you have, generally, two crystal structures which stainless steels are in - one is face centered cubic - this is austenite and stainless steels of this structure are called austenitic stainlesses - they generally contain varying degrees of chromium and an elevated nickel level - nickel is the element which stabalizes the austenitic structure. These materials are non-ferromagnetic, and include alloys such as 300 series stainlesses (these are very common)

The other structure is body centered cubic - this is known as a ferritic material - it generally has chromium and a lesser concentration of nickel (if any at all) - this is the same structure as plain carbon steels (1020, 1040, etc. or other alloy steels like 4130, etc.) This material is ferromagnetic, while austenite is not.

There are other "classes" of stainless as well - duplex stainlesses and precipitation hardening stainlesses are a couple of them.
All Truegrzy
Sep 28, 2001 11:40 AM
However, typical Stainless Steel is still not magnetic and is considered non-ferrous. It has to do with the structure at the molecular level - not simply the presence of iron. That's about the limits of my metalurgy in this area.

Don't take my word for it - check it out some time you're around boats or the fastener section of the hardware store..
I Call BSTJeanloz
Oct 1, 2001 11:41 AM
Due to the economic situation, I am currently working in a foundry and CNC metal shop. We do a lot of stainless steel work, and every piece that I've come across sticks to a magnet. In fact, we use magnets to clean up the filings.

As per the original question, the only steel bolts that I am aware of on a current Record group are the fixing bolts that hold the Ergo levers to the handlebar clamps. Also, if memory serves, there's one that's not replaceable on the front derailluer.
Check Abovegrzy
Oct 1, 2001 1:10 PM
Dr. D illuminates us on the ways of stainless steel. Seems that you're using the less common ferro magnetic type. Typical 300 series stuff won't be picked up by a magnet.
checked Record last nightDog
Oct 2, 2001 6:08 AM
I was bored.

Ran a pretty strong magnet over the Record 10 components. Here are the ferrous parts I found:

Rear d: pivot pins, cable clamp, spring, cable adjuster, inner/outer limit screws, bearing races and bearings in pullys (not pulley bolts, though)
Front d: pivot pins, cable clamp, spring, inner/outer limit screws
Brakes: main bolt, secondary pivot bolt, tiny adjuster screws, spring
Levers: thumb lever (could not get to inside parts)
Crankset: crank bolts

Probably missed a few things, but these were magnetic for certain.

re: Which bolts are steel on campag record group?DAC
Sep 28, 2001 7:13 AM
I assume that you aren't worried about stainless steel, are you? Are you concerned about corrosion or weight? Pretty much, if it doesn't stick to the magnet, it's not going to corrode very quickly!
re: Mainly concerned with weight.Bikeman
Oct 1, 2001 6:26 PM
Thanks for all your posts,

True, I'm not that worried about stainless steel - that's a different story.
Mainly I want to lose weight, so I want to know which parts I can replace with SRP Ti bits.

No I don't have the parts yet, I'm ordering one hullava new bike, but if I did have them I probably would have tried the magnet trick.

I do hate corrosion, so any shitty 1020 steel bolts that I can't get in Ti I'll have to be satisfied with replacing those ones with stainless steel. But you'd think Campy would include decent bolts don't you?