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Grease, greaseports, greaseguns, and stuff.(5 posts)

Grease, greaseports, greaseguns, and stuff.bill
Sep 27, 2001 12:52 PM
My headset has greaseports (found them!) and my hubs have greaseports. All other bearing stuff (BB, pedals, whatnot) sealed. Now, I'm not planning on re-greasing every other Wednesday, but, in my constant quest to acquire sh*t, I was trying to figure out whether and what equipment I need to squirt into these little jobbies (headset was a bit loose, grease oozed everywhere). I've got a tube of Phil Woods grease that I used on the headset (I haven't touched the hubs; don't plan on it anytime soon). Looks as if I actually could use the syringe from CVS I use to give my kid medicine to squirt into the port, although I suppose it probably wouldn't generate enough pressure to push aside the old stuff, which I gather is part of the point. What about Pedro's syngrease and gun from Performance? Is a full-on grease gun recommended? And what about the white lithium grease that comes with the hardware store grease gun? I've heard people talk about marine grease on this board -- is that the stuff to get? Overkill? I don't usually ride in the wet, although I normally am of mind to go out of my way now and get the best sh*t, if it makes sense, to make my life easier later on, which should have steered me to sealed bearings, but what're you going to do?
re: Grease, greaseports, greaseguns, and stuff.grzy
Sep 27, 2001 1:02 PM
Can't answer all of your questions, but do stay away from the white lithium grease (i.e. lubripalte) the stuff attacts water, dries out and turns into something like stale cake. I'd go with Phil Wood grease and get me one of those little guns from Pedros or possibly WTB? You should pay a little more attention to your hubs - these things have a fair amount of load and rotate a lot . Not paying attetnion means that the races and ball bearings get worn and ultimately you can never quite get them adjust right when worn and it's time for new hubs and building up some wheels. Grease is cheap insurance - just be carefull not to over do it, blow out the seals, and then fling the stuff onto the braking surfaces whilst at high speed. Sounds silly, but it does happen.
re: Grease, greaseports, greaseguns, and stuff.Cliff Oates
Sep 27, 2001 2:02 PM
You might want to read this tech tip on CampyOnly:
re: Grease, greaseports, greaseguns, and stuff.Atombomber
Sep 27, 2001 8:42 PM
I have found that a complete overhaul works better to grease the bearings than using the injection ports. By taking everything apart and cleaning the old stuff out, you can inspect the races and bearings to determine if all is fine inside. I had a WTB Greaseguard headset that I squirted regularily, and it ended up seizing because the water that got in stayed in, and the new grease just kept it in better. Now I use the grease gun to apply the grease, so the fingers stay cleaner longer.
re: Grease, greaseports, greaseguns, and stuff.cyclequip
Sep 28, 2001 5:35 AM
On your hubs it is definitely a proposition to consider changing over to oil lubrication. Clean out the hubs and use a heavyweight oil in a normal oilcan to lube your hubs every week. The oil drains out past the seals and self-cleans, but does create some mess requiring regular wipedowns. The benefit is MUCH longer service life from the hubs, lower resistance, with repacks replaced by a weekly quick squirt.