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Ergopower problems(6 posts)

Ergopower problemsDerk
Sep 27, 2001 3:21 AM
I have replace an Ergopower after I used it for 8 months (Daytona). I had lots of rattling sounds caused by the chain touching the cogs. The NEW Ergopower has these problems after just 3 months. Some springs have to be replaced. Campagnolo considers this to be normal wear and won't repair it under guarantee.

How long did you cycle B4 you had to replace the springs on your Ergopower?
re: Ergopower problemsOnrhodes
Sep 27, 2001 6:03 AM
I have a set of Ergo levers on 3 bikes. Cross bike levers are over 3 years old (1 year on cross bike, 2 on road bike) and they have never had a problem. These are Chorus rear and Veloce Front
Second bike (race bike) are almost a year old, no problems as of yet - Record
Third Bike - Bad weather bike - 6 months old, no problems yet - Record Levers.
Sep 27, 2001 7:53 AM
I have one bike with Campy Veloce shifters that are seven years old and have never had to do a thing to the shifters. I used to put about 6,000 miles a year on that bike.

I have a newer bike with Campy Chorus shifters. They are smoother to operate than Veloce (consider the price jump)and after probably 5,000 miles on that bike, the shifters are still working perfectly.

This bike has some Daytona level components: bottom bracket, rear derailleur - and they have worked flawlessly for me.
Sep 27, 2001 8:12 AM
I have had full Record with ergo on my road bike for 3 years and no rattling or spring problems.
about 2 years...hern
Sep 27, 2001 8:19 AM
but only because I converted it from 8-spd to 9.
3 year warranty?C-40
Sep 27, 2001 8:24 AM
Campy parts should have a 3 year warranty. Defects not caused by a wreck or misuse should be covered. I sent a right-hand Record 10 speed lever to Campy (in Califaornia) for warranty repair after 14 months of use (5000 miles). It's been about 10 weeks now, and the lever has not been returned. I assuming that it's being repaired on warranty.

Campy parts must be sent in by a dealer, to get warranty repair. They won't accept shipments from individuals.