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Campag 10 Speed Chain(11 posts)

Campag 10 Speed ChainDannyBoy
Sep 27, 2001 12:14 AM
I know this is going to repeat a few recent posts, but why is there so much talk of people replacing their Campag Permalink chains with alternatives???

Is this because a Permalink requires a special tool and a 'regular' chain doesn't? Don't mean to be dim, just came back to cycling after a 10yr lay off, and have new Chorus 10.

I'm about to move from the UK to NZ where I think Campy bits/tools might be less abundant, and I'll be cycling on very remote roads, would I be wise to change my chain now even though it's basically all new kit - Or should I wait until the chain actually needs replacing????

What is the best and most compatable swap. I don't wanna bugger my grouppo up!! Sorry this is a bit of a repeater. more pointDannyBoy
Sep 27, 2001 1:39 AM
One more thing... where people have been talking about using an SRAM 9 Gold chain, are they talking about using a complete chain, or just installing one link into the existing Campy chain that eases removal- sorry to be dim.
re: Campag 10 Speed ChainDerk
Sep 27, 2001 4:33 AM
The Wippermann Connex chain seems to be compatible with Campy 10 speed and the link requires no tools.
Get the Campy chain toolBipedZed
Sep 27, 2001 6:31 AM
I'm also curious as to why the Permalink gets such a bad rap. I used the $55 Campy tool to install my 10 speed chain with a Permalink and have had no problems in over 1000 miles, and I'm a pretty powerful rider. Maybe some problems will arise after more mileage, but so far so good.

Some people prefer to remove their chain frequently for thorough cleaning (something I've never advocated). Since Campy recommends only 2 Permalinks per chain, this would present a problem.

My suggestion would be to get the Campy chain tool, use a Campy 10 chain and Permalink, and install it according to manufacturer specifications and you won't have a problem.
re: Campag 10 Speed ChainCliff Oates
Sep 27, 2001 7:03 AM
As another responder notes, the permalink works fine if it's installed correctly. I just replaced a C-10 chain with more than 3600 miles on it and all was well. I am trying a powerlink with the new chain largely out of curiousity, but also because I don't want my ability to remove the chain to be restricted by the limitations of the permalink. If the powerlink works, then I'm in good shape. If not, I have a couple of permalinks and the chain tool, and I'm still in good shape.
Being really dim now...DannyBoy
Sep 27, 2001 8:40 AM
When you guys talk about Permalink and Powerlinks etc etc are you basically saying that you're using a standard issue Campag chain and then replacing the Campy joining link with another manufacturers joining link - and not talking about complete chains. i.e. instead totally getting shot of a Campag chain for a SRAM chain or alternative etc etc?

So far my Campy chain - which was installed by reputable LBS - has worked fine.

Sorry to be dim, but I'm just on my comeback and am from the good old days of 7 speed chains and simple chain tools!!!! I know I know.
Being really dim now...Cliff Oates
Sep 27, 2001 9:21 AM
Yes, that's correct. My chain worked fine too. It's just nice to be able to remove it if you wish. Since I was replacing a worn chain, I decided to try a different connection mechanism that would let me do this. It's working out fine so far.
re: Campag 10 Speed ChainKen
Sep 27, 2001 7:10 AM
re: Campag 10 Speed Chainflying
Sep 27, 2001 8:51 PM
I just had to remove a new Campy 10 chain.
I couldn't get a permalink but could get a SRAM 9 gold link.
Works great!

Yes they just replace the permalink not the chain DannyBoy.

I wonder why they say no more than 2 permalinks? Or actually why would anyone have 2?
A regular park chain tool can remove a permalink by pushing the pin out from the inside of chain. Which is what I did.
So if you needed to replace your permalink why not pop the permalink instead of another link? I dunno :)

For me I want to be able to pull the chain when I clean period.

I am not in favor of masterlinks of any kind & might try just using a regular link. I have read posts on the newsgroup where folks have done it with no ill effects.

That aside a SRAM goldlink is 2 bucks a Campy permalink is 12 bucks.
The SRAM is reusable & easy to install remove. The Campy is a 1 time deal.
You DON'T need a special linkJohnG
Sep 28, 2001 5:41 PM
Just put the darn'd chain together like all other chains have been put together for 100+ years.

PL failures can be real ugly.... like a RD in the rear wheel! :(

re: Campag 10 Speed ChainEddy
Oct 12, 2001 5:35 PM
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