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Flexible Brake Housing(4 posts)

Flexible Brake HousingTFerguson
Sep 26, 2001 4:03 PM
I am working on a project that requires very flexible brake housing coming off Ultegra levers. They do not need to be real tough. Any thoughts?
New Productgrzy
Sep 27, 2001 8:15 AM
There is a new plastic housing material that is made up of litte 1/2" segments with ball joints. It's super flexible, but a little compliant. It comes in various colors and may be what you're looking for - sorry I don't know the name of the product, but I'll try and find out. Not sure if it's appropriate for both brake and shift cables.
Sep 28, 2001 1:09 PM
linksCliff Oates
Sep 28, 2001 2:43 PM
My LBS built up a weight weenie Record equipped Kestrel using this stuff for both brakes and shifters. Expensive but very light... FWIW, I think the bike built out to 15.4 pounds with pedals.