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How to remove integrated headset cups on 01' XL EV2?(4 posts)

How to remove integrated headset cups on 01' XL EV2?mannyc
Sep 24, 2001 6:17 PM
I need some ideas and advice on how to remove the semi integrated headset cups on a 01' Bianchi XL EV2.The headset is a Cane Creek ZS.The problem is that the frame headtube diameter opening is the same as the cups,the frame just bulge out at the ends to conceal the cups.There is no rim or lip showing on the cups to be tap out against.But there is a small space at the ends of the cups and when the frame's headtube starts to taper out or bulge out but it is on the sides.Any ideas?Do I need a special tool for this?
re: How to remove integrated headset cups on 01' XL EV2?TJeanloz
Sep 25, 2001 1:05 PM
You can pound them out carefully with a hammer and screwdriver. It's been done. There is a very good chance you will damage the cups beyond usability. Why do you want them out in the first place?
How to remove integrated headset cups on 01' XL EV2.Atombomber
Sep 25, 2001 1:11 PM
You have an integrated headset. It is not semi integrated. The head tube of your frame is specifically designed for and new style of headset that forego the use of pressed in cups. For highend headsets, you're pretty much limited to what you have or Campagnolo's version. To remove as much as you can, just pop out the bearing races. No real trick.
that is not an IS on the 3 typestcr01
Sep 26, 2001 5:03 AM
I also have a Cane Creek ZS. ZS stands for "zero stack". I recently was given a document from Cane Creek that explains the 3 types of headsets currently on the market. The is the conventional headset that we all know with exterior cups. Secondly there is the integrated or "IS" which uses no cups and the bearing races simply sit inside the headtube. Thirdly, there is the zero stack or "ZS" which uses cups that are pressed into the headtube in which the bearings are inserted. One main difference is that with an "IS" headset you can use either a 1" or a 1.125" steerer in the same headtube. This is not true with the "ZS" headset which use different size headtubes for each size. The ZS is somewhat similar to a conventional headset but simply hides the cups inside of the headtube.

Don't confuse the Campy IS with the Cane Creek ZS. Two different animals.