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What size fork?(2 posts)

What size fork?TFerguson
Sep 24, 2001 5:42 AM
Are there "standard" lengths (ie. center of axle to bottom of steerer tube?) to determine what size wheel a fork was intended? I have a ChroMo fork that I thought was a 700c. I originally installed it with Open Pros and Ritchie Speedmax tires with no problems though checking it later, it is close. Then I changed to Michelin Sprints, which are taller, and they hit the bottom of the steerer tube. How can I tell if this an old 27" or 26"? (it has V/Canti brake bosses)
re: What size fork?Andy M-S
Sep 24, 2001 5:57 AM
I'd bet that's a fork intended for 26" or perhaps 650c wheels. Look at it this way...

The fork is intended for 'cross (or MTB?) use. That means you want lots of clearance. If you're running 700c wheels on it and you *don't* have lots of clearance, then something is clearly wrong.

Here's a quick test. Put some brakes on those bosses. If you have any trouble whatsover reaching the (700c) rim braking surface, then that fork is the wrong size.