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b/brackets - im should know but was always afraid to ask???(4 posts)

b/brackets - im should know but was always afraid to ask???dupe
Sep 23, 2001 2:12 AM
very simply.

are all bottom brackets unisex or are they complete different genders (?)

what i am actually asking is can i simply replace the italian threaded cups for english cups and keep the spindle or are they non-interchangeable?

this is in regard to an early '90's campy record b/bracket. if yes then i may be able to save some $$$'s
and would be :-).

ciao, ben
Save Money???nestorl
Sep 23, 2001 4:41 AM
You can get a new high end bb for $30!!! i am not sure what you mean by saving money...but in my book 30 is worth less that the agravation of replacing the cups, etc, etc... Actually if you have old squared tappered BB and crankset, then a new bb will be even cheaper since no one wants them anymore...look around a friend in my team found an old ultegra bb for $12 in a lbs. Sorry I did not answer you question but I think you are better off getting a new one.
not interchangeable...C-40
Sep 23, 2001 5:24 AM
Italian and English BBs have different threads. English is also threaded left-hand on the right-hand side. Italian is right-hand threaded on both sides. The spindle on campy cranks is also sized slightly smaller than shimano.
Not interchangeableKerry Irons
Sep 23, 2001 3:46 PM
You don't say whether this is a cartridge or cup and ball BB, but you imply that that it is the latter. There are several measurements you need to be aware of. Axles are designated something like 68x115 or 70x112. The 68 and 70 refer to the width of the BB shell, which determines the spacing between the "shoulders" on the BB axle (the cones the bearings ride on). The 115 (or 118, 120, 123, 125, 130, etc.) is the spindle length, and is used to adjust chain line. You have to have the 68/70 match, or your adjustable cup will be too far in/out of the BB. A cartridge BB will fit, as long as you get the right length axle and the right thread. BB threads are as follows:

French & Swiss: 35 mm diameter, 1 thread/mm Swiss fixed cup is right hand thread, French fixed cup is left hand thread.

English: 1.370 inches diameter (pretty close to 35 mm), 24 threads per inch.

Italian: 36 mm diameter, 24 tpi.

Many BB cups have the size stamped in them. Otherwise, time to get out the calipers. None are interchangeable.