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Wheel Building Resource(3 posts)

Wheel Building Resourcespiderman
Sep 22, 2001 4:42 PM
I acquired a set of campy hubs, front and rear. Both are 32 holed. I had a few questions about a good resource to enlighten me about wheelbuilding. Also, if i decided to use 20,24 or 28 spokes with these rims, would it pose a problem.
I know this will be a tedious process but i really want to build my own wheels. Thanks everyone.
Look on this site...Chef
Sep 22, 2001 5:08 PM
Sheldon Brown's wheel building. Easy to follow, great info. I've used it to build 6 of my own. I no longer buy wheels pre-made.

Rims match hubsKerry Irons
Sep 23, 2001 3:57 PM
Within reason, you must match the hubs and the rims for spoke count. While it is possible to build a wheel where the hub doesn't match the rim, this is a highly specialized process, only for the knowledgeable builder. Since this would be your first build, you should go for something very standard. Don't even think about spoking these hubs to rims with less than 32 holes.