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Help with Campy Shifters(9 posts)

Help with Campy Shifterspondie_scum
Sep 20, 2001 9:52 AM
Hey folks, I have a pair of Veloce 9 speed shifters. The right hand shifter appears to be crapping out on me. Downshifts fine, but upshifts the lever just seems to stick, also when it does shift the lever is slow in returning to position. Is this something I can fix, or does it mean new shifters. I'm new to road biking, I know on Shimano XT and XTR shifters, problems=new shifters usually, but didn't know if the same holds true for Campy. Also I would like to upgrade while I'm at it and was wondering what you suggested, is 9 speed truely not compatible with 10 speed? To what extent would I need to upgrade? 10 speed shifters + 10 speed derailler+10 speed cassette, plus it seems Campy has a 10 speed front derailler as well? HELP! Thanks in advance!
re: Help with Campy Shiftersmackgoo
Sep 20, 2001 10:41 AM
I always get confused on the terminology so are you saying that the button sticks? If so did you happen to retape your bars? One thing to check, at the base of the brake assembly under the rubber make sure the little cut out that the rubber nub fits into is clear of tape. This could cause what your talking about. A good place to start on the rest of the questions is I'm pretty sure the front Der can be used. THe only difference is a little plastic insert that goes on the out side arm. These can be had and installed. I'm not sure if Veloce can be rebuilt but it probably can. If so and they make Veloce 10sp, which I'm not sure of then you could rebuild it as a 10sp. I think you'll need a new rear and a new set of cranks.
You were right mackgoopondie_scum
Sep 21, 2001 2:05 PM
Thanks for the help everybody! Mackgoo, you were right, I hadn't retaped my bars, I had actually just purchased this bike used, but I checked under the rubber hood and there was tape over the slot. I cut that bit of tape away and fit the nub into the slot and it works like a charm! It was keeping both the button and the paddle lever from returning to their original position and so wouldn't shift (like Ligon was saying). Anyway, thanks for the advice everybody! Back to happy riding for me :-)
re: Help with Campy Shiftersmackgoo
Sep 20, 2001 10:51 AM is a very good source too.
Thanks! nmpondie_scum
Sep 20, 2001 12:16 PM
re: Help with Campy ShiftersLigon
Sep 20, 2001 12:16 PM
I am not sure on the terminology either. But if it is the button that sticks:
I have had some trouble with that myself and have heard of a lot of poeple with the same problem. When you shift, if you put the slightest amount of pressure on the paddle shifter it will cause the button shifter to "lock". To "unlock" the button simply apply pressure to the paddle and then shift. This may not be the problem but just thought I would suggest that.
Lube itKerry Irons
Sep 20, 2001 4:13 PM
Get some lightweight lube (TriFlow works well in aerosol form) and squirt it down the "lube hole". You can find this hole under the lever hood on the thumb shifter side of the lever. Put enough lube in so that it is literally dripping out of the lever, and shift it up and down the range. Also lube your cables. These two things can fix a lot of shifter problems. If they don't work, you may need a rebuild, but you don't need to buy new shifters.
I had the same problem. Pedro's Dry worked like a charm. Ibill
Sep 21, 2001 8:17 AM
think that, on those special occasions when you sweat buckets (particularly on rollers), a lot more moisture gets in there than you would think.
re: Help with Campy Shiftersflybyvine
Sep 21, 2001 2:51 AM
If you really want to go to 10sp you can stick with the 9sp set up up front. Just change the left shifter, rear mech and chain.

I have one set up on full Record 10 but my commuter is 10sp Daytona at the back but 8sp Ultegra (BB, Chainrings, Cranks & Der) up front. I did use a Daytona 10 on the left but thats just because combo Ultegra / Campi shifters would look stupid.