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Spinergy XAero Road Wheels(2 posts)

Spinergy XAero Road WheelsRR66
Sep 19, 2001 7:37 AM
Any experience with these wheels?
Xare: Spinergy XAero Road WheelsXaeroman
Sep 24, 2001 7:27 AM
I bought a set of them in july 01. I sold some older cosmic equipe wheels. They are fairly light, fairly aero a good all around wheelset. They feel firm and yet soft. I enjoy riding them but, when I stand and really stomp they feel slightly soft, I weigh 180 lbs. I had to send the front wheel back because there was a problem with the space for the bearings in the front hub being too large and they could not be tightened enought to stop a slight wobble in the hub. Spinergy said they would make it right and I am waiting to see. I mailed the wheel in a week ago. I bought them online for $465 shipped so I feel they were well worth the price. Bottom line, I would buy them again. The only bad thing about them is that to true then you have to remove the tire, tube, and rim strip. You need to hold the spoke still at the hubside of the rim and then use a nut driver to adjust tension throught the tireside of the rim.