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Conti GP 3000 Tires(10 posts)

Conti GP 3000 Tiresjtolleson
Sep 19, 2001 7:32 AM
I'm looking at a new pair of these. Anyone had experience?

What's with the alleged risk of sidewall blow-out? Myth or reality?

I want decent durability, traction, reliability. All tire advice is welcome. I run 700X23 cc tires and do sport tours, centuries, long distance training.
re: Conti GP 3000 TiresAkirasho
Sep 19, 2001 9:19 AM
... overall, a positive experience.

I've used 'em since '97 with little problems... the only one of note... they seem to be a bit more susceptable to sidewall cuts but I have never had a sidewall blowout.

I've currently got them on every non tubular road/TT bike I own.

Other tires tried... Michelin Axial Pro, Vittoria Open Corsa CX, Conti Ultra 2000, Michelin Super Sport.

We abide.

Remain In Light.
re: Conti GP 3000 TiresChen2
Sep 19, 2001 10:59 AM
I weigh 165#, ride 3 sets of wheels with 3 different tires, Michelin Axial Pro 23's, Continental Grand Prix 3000 25's, and Vredestein Fortezza 23's. They're all good tires but my favorites are the Axial Pro's which seem to stick better and have better beads. I have the Axial Pro's on my primary bike and have had one flat in two years, ~2000 miles. The Grand Prix 3000's are now on my commuter bike and are 4 years old with ~1500 miles, no flats. The Vredestein's are on my training wheels 2 years and have ~1000 miles, one flat. I think the GP 3000 may have the best tread wear but I have seen friends with 3000's have side wall cut problems from sharp rocks. I had some problems getting the Vreds to seat on the rims when new (loose fit).

re: Conti GP 3000 TiresColnagoFE
Sep 19, 2001 12:56 PM
Personally I like the standard GPs better than these. They don't wear well and don't seem to ride/corner any better than the regular GPs. If you are not racing get the Ultra 2000s and save some cash and get longer wear.
Difference btwn Utlra 2000 and Ultra 3000?Cima
Sep 19, 2001 1:12 PM

Do you know the difference between these two tires? I just picked up a pair of Ultra 3000's for my winter training bike, and they feel like very good tires. has them in 700x25C for $22.50/tire. Does one last longer, have more puncture resistance, or have better traction than the other.

Conti's website says nothing of the differences, so I'm guessing they are very subtle.


Difference btwn Utlra 2000 and Ultra 3000?ColnagoFE
Sep 19, 2001 1:44 PM
2000s last longer and are a lot cheaper. 3000s are OK, but wear fast. I still like the standard GPs over both the Ultra3000s and the GP3000s. I think the main diff is that the Ultra3000s don't come in all those funky colors that the GP3000s do.
re: Conti GP 3000 Tirescioccman
Sep 19, 2001 1:00 PM
I run 3000 on one of my rides. I had a huge sidewall tear one day without noticing where or when. I will likely not replace the pair when they're dead. I've got Axial Pro Lights on another rig.
re: Conti GP 3000 Tiresnuke
Sep 19, 2001 6:24 PM
I agree with the majority of posters in that the Ulta 2000 will be better for you, unless, you're racing. The GP3000 are smooth and very nice, I won't argue that, but they are RACING tires. That means they are light! And they get to be light with a simple technique...less material! Pro racers don't have to worry about trying to make a tire last. They just get new ones.

If you're willing to forget the word "reliability" and replace the tires when they need it, then you'll enjoy the very smooth and low rolling resistance.

If you are going to fret about paying $40 or more a tire twice as often if not more often than you'd be replacing other tires, then these will make your life unsatisfying.
Buy them from overseas retailersspookyload
Sep 19, 2001 8:10 PM
You can get them for around twenty bucks from overseas retailers. Check or or I hate to send my buisness overseas, but until veltek sports breaks their price fix, I see no need to support them. They are the sole importer into the u.s. and set the price to retailers. It ties their hands and the consumer gets it in the end.
Buy them from overseas retailersnuke
Sep 20, 2001 9:47 AM
Yeah, I did that. But the problem is you really gotta find some other people to go in with you because the shipping (and hopefully you AVOID customs) is you have to order 3-4 sets to make it worthwhile and cost effective.