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27 inch 6 to 700C 9 Speed - How is this Possible?(1 post)

27 inch 6 to 700C 9 Speed - How is this Possible?Fred the Cross-Poser
Sep 17, 2001 6:06 AM
Hey folks -

I have a mid 1980s vintage Univega Supra Sport that I have previously converted to cross. I originally changed out the 27 inch 6 speed wheels with 700C 6 speed wheels from a 1983 Shogun 600. I also changed to a recently replaced chain that was matched to the sachs 6 speed freewheel.

The other day, the high mileage Shimano 600 rear hub gave out. Based on lurking this board for the last 2 years, I figured I could either try to find a new or repair the old six speed hub.

Well, I wound up sliding in a set of brand new 9 speed Tiagra/Matrix wheels off an Trek 2?00 bike that someone left behind at an LBS while upgrading (without using frame spreaders). I mounted a 9 speed ultegra cogset and did not replace the chain or the 1983 Shimano 600 crankset or 1983 Shimano 600 rear derailuer. And, to my surprise - it WORKS! I have over a 100 miles already on it and there is no grinding and the shifting is much better. You really can do anything with friction downtube shifters!!!

How is this possible?? Is there hope for all those who have posted on this board wanting to upgrade old bikes with 27 inch wheels?