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Serfas Monaco Saddle(2 posts)

Serfas Monaco Saddlehmeng
Sep 15, 2001 8:50 PM
hey has anyone had any experience with the serfas monaco saddle?

i'm assuming that there are people out there who have, but no one has reviewed it, and in fact, i don't believe it's listed under the saddle reviews at all.

any help would be nice, even if saddle comfort is an extremely subjective thing.

re: Serfas Monaco Saddlegodot
Sep 17, 2001 10:49 AM
I bought a Monaco this spring, when I finally accepted the fact that my butt and the Selle Italia Ti Turbo thing that came with the bike were not ever going to get along.

The Monaco has been great. It is pretty narrow, but the padding seems to do a nice job. I'm not sure how comfortable it would be if you possess a larger butt, I'm pretty thin. I have about 2000 miles on the saddle, with a lot of long-ish rides and have had no comfort issues. Can't really tell if the cut-out actually does anything or not.

The shop I bought it from was willing to take it back if it wasn't working out for me. Never hurts to ask....

Good luck