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Rust(3 posts)

Sep 13, 2001 5:55 AM

While cleaning my bike, I am noticing that things like deraileur adjusting screws(ultegra), Brake Pivots Bolts (ultegra), Stem cap screws are all starting to rust. I cleaned the rust with some chrome polish, but as you know, rust returns like a cancer. I fooled around with various rust removing/arresting chemicals, but theyare rusting even faster now.

I visited several hardware stores known for having a large selection of specialy nuts and bolts, but was unsuccessful locating either stainless or Ti hardware in the sizes I need.

Any thoughts?
White LightningAPSBiker01
Sep 13, 2001 7:11 PM
Fill in the bolt holes with White Lightning or another wax based lube that dries fairly hard and will stick to the surface, but AFTER you clean the rust out of them. I've done this and had no problem. Also, I re-White Lightning them about once a month. Try this and it should work.
GreaseKerry Irons
Sep 16, 2001 3:14 PM
Put a thin coat of grease on all the rusting surfaces. I do this a couple of times a year on my commuter, which sees some pretty nasty conditions in the winter. The grease does tend to attract dirt, but you can wipe that off with a rag. I haven't tried the waxes for this application, but grease does work.