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C40 or Ovalmaster ?(3 posts)

C40 or Ovalmaster ?flybyvine
Sep 12, 2001 10:49 PM
Am consirderinbg one of the above. I currently have a Merlin Road and like the Ti ride and therefore the Ovalmaster is a natural choice but I hear nothing but good things about both the Ovalmaster & C40.

What about the durability of the carbon ? Any problems so far ?
re: C40 or Ovalmaster ?C-40
Sep 13, 2001 8:29 AM
Can't comment on the Ovalmaster, since I haven't ridden one, but after owning a Litespeed Ultimate, which beat me to death with it's bladed down tube and short stays, I've sworn off frames with big downtubes.

I've logged over 6,000 miles on my C-40 and find that it rides and handles great. No complaints so far. The frame still looks like new. Certainly doesn't qualify as a long-term test though.

I'd also consider the CT-1. Quite a bit cheaper than the C-40, unless you buy from or where the C-40 is about $2700.
re: C40 or Ovalmaster ?flybyvine
Sep 13, 2001 5:35 PM
C40 is around ~USD 2550 in Singapore incl. fork, HS, post & stem. Ovalmaster is ~USD 1430 with fork. Didn't check the CT1 but figure it falls between the two. Have to wait around a month as they are ordered direct from the factory.

Thought about the CT1 but wonder about the joins between Ti main triangle and & carbon stays - or am I being paranoid. What attracts me to the Ti is longevity (particularly in humid singaire where steel & Alum disappear before your very eys with all the sweat I pour over them)

I've head a lot of great stories but nothing bad - are there ANY bad experiences out there ?