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Another New 7 Ordered What about the Stem?(13 posts)

Another New 7 Ordered What about the Stem?FASRNU
Sep 12, 2001 9:41 PM
I ordered a new custom built Axiom TI 2 weeks ago and need some help on the stem. Is the stem from 7 worth 350? I have not ridden one with the stem. I was going to go with a Richey WCS and the Easton EC 90 carbon bar. Any Ideas would be appreciated!!!!!
re: Another New 7 Ordered What about the Stem?MikeC
Sep 13, 2001 4:44 AM
Watch out for the stem angle Seven specs for your bike. They tend to go with a riser stem (with a specified angle greater than 90 degrees), and that may limit your options.
I didn't choose the Seven stem. First, $350 is a LOT of money; second, I may want to change the length or rise at some future point; third, I like stems with removable faceplates; and fourth, the stem's stiffness has been questioned by some people.
I'd suggest working with Seven to come up with an acceptable angle first, then looking for which stems meet that spec.
Probably not._blt_
Sep 13, 2001 8:50 AM
Here's my take:

I got a Ritchey WCS on mine. That stem from Seven is gorgeous, but I'm not sure what you're paying for. I wouldn't dare spend that much until after you own the bike and have ridden a different stem, at least so you can really dial in the custom stem size. It would be a shame to spend so much and get a custom to find out you really should have gotten it a half centimeter shorter or whatever. Also, it doesn't have a 2-bolt faceplate, so removing the stem from the bar will be a pain in the butt. It shore is purty though...
Probably not.ciclista
Feb 11, 2002 8:03 AM
Ya I agree def be sure what size stem you need before buying. I'm very content with Ritchey WCS stem/kestrel bars setup on my Axiom. I prefer the 2 bolt cap style but of course someday in the very distant future I might consider the Seven stem to compliment my Seven.
I'm lusting after Stella AzzurraChris Zeller
Sep 13, 2001 9:43 AM
I haven't ridden this stem yet so no personal info, but I'm thinking of building a bike based around this frame with a Stella Azzurra Vice Versa magnesium stem.

I'm sure its pricey but probably not anywhere near as expensive as $350. It weighs only 100g and is switchable from a riser to an aero lower ride +/-10 degrees. It looks awesome.
It would go great with their 170g carbon bar (with cable beds) and 170 g carbon seatpost. Their brochure claims they have this in a set.

ITM also makes a nice one in Mg only 90 grams but not as nice looking and I like a riser stem because my back hurts on longer rides with a low handlebar position.
BTW about how much are these frames running? nmChris Zeller
Sep 13, 2001 9:49 AM
BTW about how much are these frames running? nmFASRNU
Sep 13, 2001 8:23 PM
Yo the Axiom retails for $2500 and some change for ti and frame only the fork is another $350. and they at highly recomend it. But the value is in the totally custom fit for you. Fit is very important on a bike and if it is going to be the last bike you buy you deserve a CUSTOM BAD ASS MACHINE!! Oh BTW BTY the Odonata is starting at $3000. and some change not sure if the fork is included but it has a carbon seat tube and carbon seat stays weighs alittle less at 2.5lbs Ps check out Outside mag Oct 01 or it is on the web site at
Stella AzzurraAndy M-S
Sep 14, 2001 5:33 AM
Stella Azzurra -- Blue Star. Where can you get their stuff? It looks interesting, but I've never seen it live and in person.
You'd have to be insane...tirider
Sep 14, 2001 8:56 PM
... to buy one. Having said that however I have one on my Axiom. Some thoughts... not sure where the comment came from concerning riser stems greater than 90 degrees the norm for Seven. I haven't seen that and since it is a custom frame your input on the design will determine the rise or spacers you need. I agree that you must be sure of the dimensions of the stem given the price penalty of a wrong choice. I have a plethora of extra stems lying about so I made sure to try some (and even borrow one) before laying down the cash. Also be aware that changing bars in the future could change the length and rise needs in the stem department. I know what bar I like and had the frame designed around this. Finally as to stiffness, I went with an S2 at 130mm which felt somewhat more flexy compared to a stiff aluminum one when I first stood over the bike and pushed on the bars. Once on the road however, I failed to notice the flex (even standing up on climbs) and soon appreciated the the increased comfort from the dampening effect of titanium. I should note that I am not Erik Zabel and not overly concerned with sprint bonuses. In the appearance arena, I took off the decals and took a Scotch Brite pad to it so it matches the polish of my Campi ti post. Before you get one do make sure you have an understanding wife or partner which I assume you do given the frame you bought.
Whew, one other thing...tirider
Sep 14, 2001 9:05 PM
... I wouldn't go to a single bolt clamp on a carbon bar given the scarring that could result upon installation. I personally like the security this clamp offers in lieu of the removable faceplate designs. This I think goes back to my MTNbiking days when a bar shifting on rocky descents could prove catastrophic. It's a bit more hassle removing bars but I don't mind taping as long as I have a beer in one hand.
Seven stemgraham
Sep 16, 2001 3:41 PM
I have recently aquired a Seven Axiom frame and totally love it. It blows away the Merlin XL from a previous life... I wanted the Seven to be the last bike needed for the next mellinium thus the excuse for a seven Ti stem too. I plotted on a CAD system, the perfect position of the handlebar and thus derived the proper stem length and rise. Mine was a 100mm with a 85 degree (minus 5 degree)rise angle. The slight down angle limited the dorky positive rise appearence I found less than appealing. The stem stiffness was spec'd as an S2, I have no complains for the stiffness. Similar to the other comments regarding the presumed flexyness when static, yes a little movement but try any other stem and see very little difference. The fork, wheels and tires are vastly more of an issue than the stem for front end flex. The shock absorbtion is very nice, important for the wrist and arms in older age. As for the $$ issue, well, count yer pennies, there might be enough to make an excuse!
I'm with you.grzy
Sep 17, 2001 9:10 AM
Frankly there is no way on earth that a Ti stem is worth that kind of cake. You're looking at something that has a huge margin - a couple of welds, some machinging and a decal. Sure if you want to hang the thing in a display case and give other tech wennies fits then go for it. It isn't that light and you can wind up with a noddle. My buddy's is simply scarey. Dunno how he manages to rule the descents so well, but he does. Personally the Ritchey WCS is a bomber setup if the limited geometry options work for you. You can always order the stem later once you're totally dialed in on the fit.
re: Another New 7 Ordered What about the Stem?bigheadtod
Sep 17, 2001 4:12 PM
Just picked up my new Axiom yesterday...I went with the Ritchey WCS Stem and Bar. The stem is light, relatively cheap, and looks sweet in an understated sort of way. I've never ridden anatomical bars before...but the bars have a bit of an odd shape and look. I have smaller hands, though, and it does reduce the reach with Campy levers. Enjoy!