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seven steel frame prices?(3 posts)

seven steel frame prices?Rob Oberbeck
Sep 12, 2001 2:19 PM
re: seven steel frame prices?AD14
Sep 12, 2001 3:51 PM
I think the steel axiom is about 1500 and a dealer in upstate N.Y. said they would take 10% off. I decided to go with a custom builder who built me a foco for 799 with custom geometry included. The foco is about a half pound lighter than the axiom and rides wonderfully. Throw in stiff at the bottom bracket and I decided to forgo the axiom steel. It is a beautiful bike though. Oh ya-custom is extra for the steel axiom.
Here they are...MikeC
Sep 13, 2001 4:51 AM
Axiom steel: $1495.00
Odonata steel: $2,195.00
Tsunami steel (tourer): $1,495.00