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Specialized spokes, they keep breaking(2 posts)

Specialized spokes, they keep breakingTCRIII
Sep 11, 2001 1:43 PM
I purchased a Specialized Allez A1 Sport 35 days ago. I've had spokes break twice and the rim developed a crack the last go round. I was greeted at the shop by "Oh look, another Specialized wheel with broken spokes." I've checked some other product review sites and found that this is a problem with other people's bikes. The repair fellow said that he'd seen this happen a lot recently, that the same batch of spokes went to Cannondale and he thought that they had been "cooked" too long when they were made. A fellow in Britain seems to think there is incompatibility with the Ritchey hub. Is this such a widespread problem where Specialized might think of a recall? My current solution is to get a new wheel made with a Mavic upgrade, but the hub will stay. Any similar experience?, advice?
Sep 11, 2001 2:51 PM
Can't say as I can directly address your issue, but if you've been around the bike world and observed for a while, Specialized seems to lead the way with problems. Everything from bike frames to clothes to tires and tubes has had a high history of failures. Personally, I advise people to buy nothing from them - it's a shame b/c I have several friends that work for them and refer to it as "Pressurized." Ultimately I feel that a source of their problems are that they make virtutally nothing themselves and instead farm everything out to the lowest bidder around the world. The effect is that they get what they pay for, mark it up, then foist it off on the unsuspecting public for a tidy profit.