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Upgrading 105 to DA???(3 posts)

Upgrading 105 to DA???Richard
Sep 9, 2001 9:51 PM
I have a Klein Quantum and cycle long routes and ride/love steep long climbs. I want the very best performance from my drivetrain and want ot upgrade from 105 to DA. First, its this the best thing to do and second, how can I do it in affordable "chunks"??

Thank you for your help.
re: Upgrading 105 to DA???Dave Hickey
Sep 10, 2001 6:22 AM
Richard, If you want to upgrade in affordable chunks, I suggest getting a nine speed upgrade kit. It's offered by Excel Sports, Colorado Cyclist and Performance Bike. The kit includes STI'levers, Rear Derailleur, Cassette and Chain. I've seen prices around $390.00. You can pickup a used 7700 front derailleur for $25.00 on various online sites like this one. That leaves you with the Crankset and Brakes. New cranks are going to cost you $200.00 and brakes are going to $150.00. Check ebay and other online sites for deals.
re: Upgrading 105 to DA???Richard
Sep 10, 2001 12:24 PM
Thank you Dave, I really appreciate your advice. I will start looking into this course.