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Look Pedal noise and Stickage...(2 posts)

Look Pedal noise and Stickage...greenbean
Sep 8, 2001 7:27 PM
I'm having trouble with my Look pedals and cleats. First I started noticing a squeaking noise coming from my pedals, due to what I think is the plastic cleat and aluminum pedal cage rubbing together. I'm thinking that this is a normal occurrence with Look I wrong? The noise is not what I have the biggest concern with right pedal and cleat have a "seized" feeling to it. I have the pedal dialed into the 9deg. float but I have hardly any float at all. In fact it takes a large amount of force to disengage my right foot from the pedal. Not good if I have to disengage quickly. I'm using the red cleats that came with the pedals, and have not had any problem up until the squeaking noise from the cleats. What can I do to first get the float that I used to have back and secondly how can I get rid of this squeaking sound from the pedals. Does this sort of thing happen with Look pedals and cleats? Thanks for your help
How old are the cleats?peloton
Sep 9, 2001 7:22 PM
My first question for you would be to ask of what condition your cleats are in. The Looks should feel smooth through their float. The "seized" feeling that you speak of can be caused by a cleat that has worn to the point of replacement. The wear can also make the clear harder to clip out of the pedal with. The squeaking noise can also come with a worn cleat, although not exclusively attributed to wear. The way to check wear on a Look cleat is to look for the three indents on the corners of the cleat. If you can't see these all clearly, then the cleat has worn past it's useful life. Replacement should allieviate your problems if this is the case.

The squeaking noice can also be cured by a little armor all on the cleat sometimes. You may also want to check to see that the cleat is mounted properly, and the pedal is fully functional if cleat wear is not your problem.