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105 vs. Veloce,which is better(8 posts)

105 vs. Veloce,which is betterKP
Sep 7, 2001 9:18 PM
i'm looking into building a road bike with these componenets.i'm a mountainbiker spending the weekdays the road, and the weekend n the trails, so i want a road bike for the road days. i read the reviews,and both seem ok for the money, but there aren't alot of opinions, i was hoping to get more here.
re: 105 vs. Veloce,which is bettermackgoo
Sep 8, 2001 12:59 AM
My opinion, go Campy. It's the only way to go.
If you can trim Veloce go with that.Live Steam
Sep 8, 2001 3:14 AM
I hate not being able to trim my front der. on a bike I have set up with 105.
re: 105 vs. Veloce,which is betterDaveG
Sep 8, 2001 5:13 AM
Your assessment is correct, they are both great deals for the money. Can't argue either is better. Depends on personal preferences on lever comfort, feel, etc. Get to a shop and try them out. I have Veloce now and 105 before that. Both worked just fine, although I prefer the ergo setup to STI for feel and comfort. Veloce shifting has a somewhat stiffer, more positive feel. Rear shifting on both is great, Front shifting is probably a wee bit quicker on 105. Brakes on both groups are great. If you do go Veloce, you may want to consider upgrading the hubs to Daytona or Chorus, as the Veloce hubs are somewhat porky. Good luck
re: 105 vs. Veloce,which is betterCliff Oates
Sep 8, 2001 5:30 AM
The biggest difference between Shimano and Campy is the levers. Compare the feel of STI versus Ergo for yourself, and determine which you prefer. They are very different. Hopefully there are LBS in your area with both Campy and Shimano equipped bikes you can try. Shimano is easy to find. Look to Bianchi and Marin for built up bikes with Campy.

Other than that, your bike shop is probably going to be able to support Shimano much easily than Campy. I discovered the other day that the average LBS can acquire Shimano components much more cheaply from their distributors. My guy's cheapest wholesale price for Chorus was $200 over Dura-Ace, and more than $300 what I would pay via mail order. Excel and Colorado Cyclist significantly undercut his prices for all groups, no matter where they come from. Now I know why he sells Shimano almost exclusively, and it also became clear why I know more about servicing Campy than their head wrench. If you need a lot of support from your LBS, then their ability to support you should be a factor.

I spent a month on a bike equipped with an Ultegra triple (very generous loaner from the owner of my LBS), and I had constant trouble dialing out chain rub in front. Shimano indexes their front ders so that shifts come on one stab of the shifter, but you lose the ability to finely trim the front der. I've heard Campy's technique described as ratcheted friction, and I like the term. It's not indexed, and you get 15-18 (I haven't counted lately) detents you can use to trim the derailleur. During that month on Ultegra, I also learned that I prefer Ergo levers, but take that for what it is and no more: _my_ personal preference. You'll have to develop your own.

In terms of more subtle features, Shimano's hub designs are generally considered to be slightly better than Campy because of the way they've arranged the bearings to distribute the load. If you bunnyhop a lot of curbs or otherwise ride "heavy", this might be a factor in your decision. Shimano cassette pawls are virtually silent compared to Campy, especially Veloce. Veloce's cassette pawls are LOUD, by the way.

I've had Veloce before, and it functions very nicely. If you wanted to look for one part to upgrade in the group, choose the hubs. Veloce hubs are very heavy and use a solid steel axle, while the groups above Veloce all use the same hub design based on an oversized aluminum axle. There are no particularly significant mechanical differences between Daytona, Chorus, and Record hubs.

Veloce=greatness-go with Campy nmdavidl
Sep 8, 2001 5:42 PM
re: 105 vs. Veloce,which is betterSkunkWorks
Sep 8, 2001 9:08 PM
I can't stand playing around with the front trim thing on Campy. If you have a Shimano set up properly then it just shifts and you pedal without fuss. It may take more care or skill from the mechanic to set up, but when you get it right it works perfectly fine.
re: 105 vs. Veloce,which is betterpeloton
Sep 9, 2001 8:05 AM
The feel of the levers is a big concern. You may prefer the feel of one to the other. From a quantitative perspective though, here it is. 105 is less expensive, and easier to find replacement parts for. The Veloce crankset has had some breakage problems. Shifting and braking is comparable on both. Campy vs. Shimano at the high end is a pretty personal call. At the lower to mid end, Shimano is the king. Daytona is really the lowest I would go in Campy's line. Actually, the Daytona 10 with a Chorus crankset is probably the best deal in the entire Campy line. Go with what feels right to you. Everyone here is just going to tell you to buy what they ride.