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upgrading older bicycles(3 posts)

upgrading older bicyclessig
Sep 7, 2001 6:15 AM
Can anyone tell me if there is any way to put new wheels on a 1985 Vitus frame with Super Record
Campy components? Bike shop says noone make a freewheel or cogset to fit the frame since the one
on my bike is 7 speed. How about putting the shift levers on the aerobar ends? Is there a coversion for
this available? I need a tri/tt specific bike but due to circumstances am not getting one til next year.

I'm winging it, but...Retro
Sep 7, 2001 8:27 AM
Sorry if this is a duplicate post--I was just typing away and the first one vanished from my screen...
That Vitus was aluminum, right? Sorry--I quit cycling for about 15 years, and it came out while I was running. Seems to me it was a whippy alloy frameset, and the dropout spacing will be wrong for modern hubs. I forget the numbers, but it may have been 126mm.
If it's STEEL and 126, you should be able to just spread the dropouts and put a modern 130mm hub in there, but I don't know that I'd do it with alum, or if the spacing was something like 120mm.
Couple of other potential solutions: If the hub is in good shape (try new bearings before you decide it isn't), you can have a shop lace any rim you want onto it. I did that with my old Specialized, and the best mechanic in town, an ex-Olympic Teamer, charged $110 w/parts, labor and a repack. You could use the old freewheel, or new ones (non-Campy) are still available. Check or
bar-end shifters are still around (I have them on two bikes), but I don't know of one that indexes with 7-speed (maybe they ALL do, but I never tried...). Shimanos have friction options, and I shift mine that way. If you have to do that, you don't lose much. You'll learn the feel in half an hour. Rivendell has those for $54; they might be cheaper other places.
You might also check e-bay for parts. People are always trying to unload weird bike stuff on there.
no problem spreading a vitusDave Hickey
Sep 7, 2001 10:03 AM
The 126 spacing spreads very easily to 130 with a Vitus. This frame was never known for being still. I have 130 wide on my Vitus with no problems. The newer hub can be used with 7 speed cassettes as long as you use extra spacers.