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What 650c campy 10spd prebuilt wheelsets exist?(clincher)(1 post)

What 650c campy 10spd prebuilt wheelsets exist?(clincher)BikeMan
Sep 6, 2001 11:02 PM
Help me please!!

I'm buying a new bike with campy record. I've decided on ZIP 303 tubulars for my dedicated racing wheels, because they're very light, they come in 650c & they're campy 10-speed compatible.

But I'm totally confused about what to buy for a training wheelset. I still want something quite light (lets say under 1800grams/pair), but mainly I want to have a second wheelset with clinchers (so I can fix them out on a ride) and a broader ratio cassette on it. At first I thought about buying rolf vector pros (I'm aware they'd be a very expensive training option) but then I found out they only do shimano freehubs in the 650c size (which is a bummer, 'cause I thought from what everyone else said they were excellent wheels) otherwise I'd have to get one of those converter cassettes (and I don't think I'm prepared to do that - it'd be like buying into a nightmare don't you think?)

HED wheels are a little too expensive, now I'm thinking Spinergy xaero's but appears nothing much else is available if I want a nice-looking wheelset - surely something else exists. Can anyone suggest something?

Also, since this is will be the first time I will have a bike with two wheelsets - how do I know I won't have to adjust the rear derailleur's limit screws every time I swap the wheels come race day?