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Polar S710 HRM power sensor(5 posts)

Polar S710 HRM power sensorGrubby
Sep 6, 2001 1:33 AM
Has anybody bought or used the Polar S710 with its power output sensors? I would like to measure my feeble output and am deciding between the Polar and the PowerTap hub system. And if anybody has used power measuring instead of HRM, does it help or hinder you?
eagerly awaiting mineDuane Gran
Sep 6, 2001 5:47 AM
I don't think you will find anyone who is using a production release of the power kit yet. According to the latest info, I should receive my S-710 by late November. Sheesh!

The folks at (tech talk forum) swear by power measurement. Many of them use Tune and SRM units. Much of the view is skeptical about the Power Kit, but you can't deny the cost advantage and flexiblity it could potentially offer.

I would add that no one seems to choose power instead of HR, but rather see the two factors combined as valuable information. Both SRM and Polar units have integrated HR monitoring features and I'm pretty sure that Tune allows you to graph your power against your HR. Personally, this comparison is the crux of the benefit of measuring power and I'm eager to start training in terms of wattage.

On a sidenote/tangent, I think this stuff will become more common very soon. HR monitors were new tech 5 years ago, but now everyone can afford them. I expect power measurement to transform training techniques over the next 5 years. Of course, that does little for us who are waiting for the Polar model.

Should you hold out or get a Tune? I'm assuming that you have ruled out SRM for the cost. The only advantage that Tune offers is apparently a more accurate measurement. The disadvantage is that it is tied to your wheel and isn't directly integrated with the HRM. I have hard people state that they fear riding in the rain because it has damaged some Tune models. I believe Polar and SRM are more durable, but I don't speak from experience. I would be glad to hear some more first hand accounts.
I've got the S-710, but not the power sensor yet.BikeMan
Sep 6, 2001 10:21 PM
I've been using the S-710 for a little over three weeks - and I think its quite an amazing piece of equipment. Before that I only had the Polar Edge model, so naturally this one was going to seem much more advanced. The ability to download info with the software is extremely helpful. The other features I like about this model are the altitude feature (this is quite accurate - so long as its calibrated), the calorie consumption feature & the ownindex fitness test (approximates VO2max and predicted HRmax). The built in speed readout isn't all that good, because it doesn't update as fast as my hardwired cateye. However, being able to record the average speed and distance travelled automatically for the training diary is defineitely worthwhile.
I especially like the reports you can plot your progress with time & it REALLY helps. I thought all that diary stuff was going to totally suck, but its all automated! :-)

The latest I've heard, is that I'll have to wait a little less than 2 months for my power sensor, (because they're still field testing it.) It repudedly has the cadence sensor built in. What I also know, is that it not only measures power output in watts AND left/right balance, but ALSO pedalling efficiency - the closer your spin is to a perfectly symmetrical stroke, the higher the number it reads!!

If anyone wants to know more, just ask.
Where did you get yours?Chris Zeller
Sep 7, 2001 12:50 PM
Where did you get yours. I've heard of people waiting for them. Performance won't have them until October.
Where did you get yours?Bikeman
Sep 10, 2001 12:30 AM
I live in Australia, so I ordered mine from this shop in Sydney called Clarence Street Cyclery.
I knew about the S-710 last year and I knew I wanted it back then, but I didn't know there'd be this availability problem. But then I got tired of waiting, so I placed an order in July, and recieved it about a fortnight later.
If you know you want the S-710 (trust me, you do) then I'd recommend you to place an order if you haven't done so already
- that way at least you're on the list.