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Ergopower Overhaul?(2 posts)

Ergopower Overhaul?Dan Q
Sep 5, 2001 3:13 PM
I have a '99 9spd Chorus REAR ergo shifter with a problem. It appears to skip a shift position when shifting. For example, when pushing the lever towards the center of the bike a shift does not occur until moved about 30°. I have tried other ergo shifters and they appear to have their first shift at about 10-15°. I am not sure if this is how mine was when new since I got it used. It makes it an extra pain when shifting from the drops. Is this how the '99 shifters were, or do I need to possibly replace a spring? If so, which spring? Also, is there anything else I should replace if an overhaul is needed?
Clean and lube firstKerry Irons
Sep 5, 2001 4:58 PM
The easiest first step with any shifting problem is to clean/lube the shifters. You can do this easily by flushing with something like ProLink or TriFlow (which are both mostly solvent and leave the lube behind when the solvent evaporates) or by flushing with WD-40 followed by lube. One great place to do the flush is down the "oil hole" that is under the hood on the "inside" side of the lever (toward the center of the bike). If that doesn't fix it, the next step (or maybe parallel step) is to lube the cables inside the casings and the pivot points on the derailleur. If none of this works, THEN you go to the Campy or CampyOnly web sites for blowup picturess and instructions on how to do rebuilds. A broken spring is a possibility.