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Taping tubulars(10 posts)

Taping tubularsBeamrider
Sep 5, 2001 4:36 AM
Does any one have experience using double sided tape to mount a tubular tire to the rim instead of glue? Velox makes a rim tape designed specifically for this called Adhesive Rim Tape # 76. I know someone in the UK who says it is the preferred method there, less mess and more likely to stick to a spare tire making it easier to get home without rolling off the rim. I can't find any reference to this procedure here. I'd like to know the mounting procedure and how the tape compares to glue strength wise. I usually use Vittoria Mastik 1.
DANGEROUS!!alex the engineer
Sep 5, 2001 4:53 AM
Don't use this stuff! It holds terribly, falls apart when wet, and should be avoided at ALL COSTS! Leave this stuff for the poseurs who are afraid of getting glue on their fingers. Even Tubasti is better!
BTW, because of liability concerns, NOBODY imports this into the US-that should tell you something about it's safety. Just pre-glue your spares, and you will be better off than you would be using this cr@p.
re: Taping tubularsmadbadger
Sep 5, 2001 7:55 AM
I've taped tubulars for 8 years now using double sided tape, I road race, climb & descend mountains in France in summer, and have never had a problem.
Make sure you press the tape hard into the rim, mount the tyre, inflate to full pressure & leave overnight. You should find it virtually impossible to move the tyre on the rim, infact sometimes I can hardly get the f*cker off on the few occasions I puncture.
Then again if you don't feel happy with the idea, don't do it, stick to glue.
re: Taping tubularsmackgoo
Sep 5, 2001 9:26 AM
Do you live in the US? What's your source?
re: Taping tubularsmadbadger
Sep 5, 2001 1:53 PM
I'm in the UK, my source is any bike shop that has it in stock when I'm in there, I've used velox, even with rims too hot to touch things stay stuck tight.
Again there's no right or wrong, just down to personal preference, I love tubulars so much I keep buying more tape & tubulars whenever I see a good deal, Parker Inernational & are both v cheap for Vittoria tubs on the web.
divergent responsesBeamrider
Sep 5, 2001 10:01 AM
Well we seem to have two completely opposite theories. Alex, I'm wondering what the basis is for such a strong condemnation of this process. I view Velox as a reputable company and it seems they would have a public relations nightmare on their hands if they were to manufacture such an inferior and unsafe product.

I'm not trying to be argumentative, only trying to make a sound decision on an issue I'm not familiar with. What do you know that the guys in Europe don't know?

Again, this is a sincere question.
divergent responsesDougal
Sep 6, 2001 4:18 AM
The owner of my prefered bike shop uses double sided tape, has done for years and swears by it. He's been selling it for 5 years or so and has had no complaints yet...
divergent responsesJofa
Sep 6, 2001 6:35 AM
You could actually ride perfectly happily with no glue at all, as long as the tyre maintains high pressure. The constrictive force applied by the casing is easily enough to keep the tyre on the rim, especially as cycling never generates these lateral forces, or the bike and rider would fall over.
This is not an experiment worth trying downhill however: if the tyre punctures and loses air all bets are off, and so, surely, will you be.
The tape is fine but causes even more rolling resistance than ordinary pressure-sensitive glue, which is responsible for the RR of tubulars to be only equal to clinchers rather than much superior. Hard track glue is the best in this respect but impractical for general use.

re: Taping tubularsdug
Sep 6, 2001 5:28 AM
There is nothing wrong with taping tubies on your rim. 3M, velox, and other make tape that is perfectly acceptable for that purpose. I have glued & taped tubies for years with no worries. I prefer glue, but nothing to justify why its 'better' than tape.
re: Taping tubularsmackgoo
Sep 6, 2001 4:57 PM
Any one know of a US source?