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Time pedal platform vs Look(6 posts)

Time pedal platform vs LookFloyd
Sep 4, 2001 2:52 PM
Which pedal has the largest platform Time or Look? I'm in the market for new pedals and I need the largest platform possible. I currently have Speedplays and the float is terrific but the platoform is too small and I've been getting hotspots and I've tried several "fixes" to no avail.
re: Time pedal platform vs LookTrent in WA
Sep 4, 2001 3:59 PM
I used a set of borrowed Time Sport pedals for about three months earlier this year and then switched to a set of Look 206's. I would say it's a wash as far as platform size goes--they both feel very comfy, stable, secure, and large. In my experience, Looks are easier to get into and significantly easier to get out of, have lighter cleats, and work with a wider variety of shoes than Times (at least without resorting to adapter setups), but you can't go wrong with either.
re: Time pedal platform vs LookIan
Sep 4, 2001 5:17 PM
Assuming you have quality (stiff) shoes, pedal platform size is over-rated. Take a look at the contact patch of your cleat/shoe with a Speedplay pedal. It is as large as the Look platform because of the adaptor.
re: Time pedal platform vs Looktr
Sep 4, 2001 9:15 PM
Please consider the time pedals. They have been wonderful for me and there is a reason that alot of the pros (ulrich,pantani, and many others)use this pedal in my humble opinion. The surface area of the time is bigger than the look and will distribute the load over a bigger area. The look is excellent also but i think the platform of the time is a stiffer and more durable material (magnesium, steel)that someone with hotspots should consider.
re: Time pedal platform vs Looktr
Sep 5, 2001 5:51 AM
Best price for time shoes and pedals is
Used both Time and Lookzelig
Sep 5, 2001 4:32 AM
I rode for 7 seasons on Look and DA Look style pedals followed by the last 8 seasons on Time. Subjectively, they both have large platforms. The difference for me is that with the Look pedals I felt that I was riding "on" the pedal while with the Time's, I felt I was "in" the pedal. This is probably a result of my foot being a bit closer to the pedal axle than with the Looks. More akin to pre-clipless days of caged pedals. I also feel more confident cornering with Time pedals. Also, FWIW the float on the Time pedals is less free than it is in the Looks when using their floating (red) cleat. I've not ridden Speedplays but I'm sure they too are different. It's all subjective so the best things is to find a way of trying both pedals.

Unfortunately this is where the limited number of shoes which will take Time cleat w/o Time's adapter plate hurts. Currently only the Northwave Evolution, all Carnac shoes with the UCS sole, Time's own shoes, most Sidi models and certain models of Vittoria (undoubtedly I've left someone out) have a dedicated drilling or plate for TBT cams. If you need to use Time's adapter plate rather than changing shoes, stick with Look.

Also, the Time's are heavier than some of the Look models and the replacement cleats are a bit more expensive. As long as you don't ride in an area with lots of stop lights, the cams will last a long time. They're not as easy to get into as Look pedals, particularly as the front cam wears (this is easy fixed with a little file work), but I finding exiting to be the same for both.