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I have 3 of these.(4 posts)

I have 3 of these.Atombomber
Aug 30, 2001 4:33 PM
Well, 4 actually. Not the bike, but the headset. Each one of my bikes has a modified to threadless Shimano XT cartridge headset. A few minutes with a lathe, and presto. The 4th, well its just waiting for the next bike. Super smooth, and cheap (for me). You would assume that Lance and the rest of the team would choose better headsets if Shimano were not up to par. I have been using my first modified one for 3 seasons on my DH dually, since May on my 5200, and just converted my XC to the same system today, though the headset has been a threaded type on the bike for 5 years.

Just to note, that is Roberto Heras' bike.
Aug 30, 2001 4:43 PM
People have been doing this modification for quite some time - mostly it's a question of access to a lathe and the skills to run it. Definitely economical.
re: KewlAkirasho
Aug 30, 2001 5:24 PM
what are your dimension specs for this mod??

Be the bike.
Aug 30, 2001 7:14 PM
I make mine like the Aheadset type. I set the compound slide to the angle of the tapered compresion ring, and then machine out until the ring just protrudes above the top race. Its a process of cutting and checking. The way Chris King makes their headsets requires a very precise tolerance, and others use a rubber O-ring to take up differences, but this requires a recessed grove to be cut inside the upper race.