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Tiagra to 105 Upgrade(10 posts)

Tiagra to 105 Upgrademainiac
Aug 30, 2001 10:32 AM
Im new to the roadie world and am running a Tiagra 9 speed set up with a front Triple, I am getting more fit, and more interested in competitive riding so I would like to have a little smoother shifting as well as go to just a Front double setup is the step up to the 105's a cost effective and competive upgrade?

Aug 30, 2001 10:51 AM
I know, that's the answer to everything. Not very helpful.

IMHO, a total component upgrade is only worth it on the most expensive frame set. You'll drop a bunch of dough for a modest decrease in weight and increase in performance, and the resale value of the bike won't change a whole lot.

You didn't say what the bike was, but my guess is that the switch is not worth it. Have fun with the bike, and when you want to make the leap, then just buy an upgraded bike with 105 or better.
re: Tiagra to 105 Upgradenestorl
Aug 30, 2001 12:28 PM
I agree with the previous post. a 25 pound bike is the same as a 24.5 pound bike. You will however get more reliable shifting with a 105. I would suggest that if you are going to make the jump, make the jump all the way to ultegra (Except for the STI shifter - keep the tiagra if you must but DO NOT get ultegra STI). Ultegra is much much better and the price difference is minimal. Two thoughts also come to mind: 1. DO NOT buy a new group. There are tons of almost new stuff on ebay and other places that you can get for 1/2 the price. 2. Save the money, keep saving, and then change the entire bike. First buy a frame (try then build it from scratch with a combination of used and old high end stuff. I just built a bike for a friend with a new cannondale caad4 frame, new dura ace sti shifters, new ultegra cassette bottom B, R. del, and chain, and a bunch of almost new dura ace and ultegra stuff for LESS than 1000!!!!!!!!. So buy smart, don't buy everything new (somethings you must buy new), and you will have a 2000 bike for 900!. Good luck.

And always remeber the add:
Bob - "$4,000 and I am still not any faster"
Jen - "Have you ever consider...maybe is not the bike"

train hard, eat well, shed some pounds, ride fast....
any UpgradeBreezydz
Aug 30, 2001 12:55 PM
Probably not worth it. If you want the most improvement for the dollar, you may want to try better wheels. As previous posters say, components by themselves cost too much to make sense. If, however, you get a real lot of satisfaction from having nicer parts go for it.
There's just no ceiling...Leisure
Aug 31, 2001 3:06 AM
You probably have decided you're worthy of going to 105 now, and should make the switch. Well, just when you've swapped each component to the coveted 105 group, you'll realize that anything below Ultegra simply isn't going to cut it anymore. By the time you've saved up, purchased, and installed Ultegra, you'll find that Dura-ace is simply going to better meet your needs, except you'll finally come to your senses after that purchase and switch to Record.
Except the hubs will be replaced with Phil Wood in a half-season and you're going to get a King headset and a SRAM chain. You may even contract a military arms company to custom fabricate aluminum billet shifters (aka-Precision Billet), after which you'll be hiring Japanese sword-crafters to carve derailleurs out of steel pounded and folded thousands of times over, using genuine Ivory sourced from Thailand to form the parallelograms.
To make sure that each component is making an empirically replicable improvement in performance, you'll contract Motorola to synthesize a IR-laser speedometer, except you'll be sending them continuous-cast copper wiring (there are typically less than three breaks in it's grain structure per meter compared to thousands in commercial copper) along with silver/polypropylene capacitors and hollow-core inductors. Boy, I could go on, and we haven't even gotten to the weave lattice or ceramic doping of your Lycra!
Dude, just replace things as they bust. Get something at least two steps up from what you think you need, because your learning curve is higher now than it will ever be again. You might even go full-gootchie on a part that you may move to a better frame down the road. But don't feel there's a big rush to replace things that soon. Give yourself some time to gauge how good of a rider you want and expect to be, and factor in that you can almost always feel a difference. And ride.
That was a classic ...:-). NMnestorl
Aug 31, 2001 3:41 AM
That was good. I wish I had such a good imagination nmPdxMark
Aug 31, 2001 3:55 PM
re: Tiagra to 105 Upgraderrjc5488
Aug 31, 2001 10:01 AM
im not sure what issue it was, but bike nashbar had deals on converting your 8speed to a 9, im sure even if you have a 9, you can have it upgraded. They would upgrade, rear der. cassette, chain, all you need to do is get a crankset. i think 105 was around 260, but the ultegras were only 300, for the 40 dollars more, I'd go with the ultegras, and you would probably end up spending 450 with the crankset and fr der, so figure spending 500 to upgrade your full drivetrain from tiagra to ultegra, good luck
re: Tiagra to 105 UpgradeDuvy
Sep 1, 2001 8:28 AM
I am doing the same thing. I just bought a bike with Tiagra. The frame is excellent, but the components are not what I need now that I am more comfortable and riding alot more(muntain biker primarily). Here is what I found. The 105 is the same weight as an Ultegra, but cheaper. Not much though. Go Ultegra for cranks. Keep the Rear and Front Derailleur until they die, then upgrade. The big thing are the cranks and BB. You will have to do that anyway(splined vs. tapered). The cranks alone will save you 200 plus grams of weight. Chains and cassette upgrades are cheap, so do that too. I found an Ultegra crankset(double) new, online for 89.00! Cambria or Pricepoint I think. Check the clearance sections. Be careful buying used parts though. If the cranks or a cassette are used, who is to say to what extent they were used. Pay the extra COD fee or work with the seller so you can return it if you are not happy.
re: Tiagra to 105 UpgradeMainiac
Sep 5, 2001 4:55 AM
Thanks everyone for all of the info and options, I have printed off for later use, in the mean time my Tiagra's are not so bad that I cannot improve by simply more Quality training, I am not one to blame my equipment for myself being beaten, i just need to work harder. Thanks again to all.