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stem for carbon steerer(5 posts)

stem for carbon steererRC
Aug 25, 2001 9:05 PM
Have heard so many opinions on what is the best stem for an Ouza Pro fork. Some say don't use ITM Big One, some say don't use Millenium, some say don't use Deda because the face plate breaks. I have Prima 199 bars and the fork is 1 1/8. Some with experience on an Ouza Pro please give me something definite. Thanks much.
re: stem for carbon steererAkirasho
Aug 25, 2001 10:01 PM
Heavy and stiff, but I'm using a 3T Forgie on a 1" Ouzo Pro Aero (shimmed) with no difficulties (so far!).

I emailed Reynolds regarding the use of this stem on a CF steerer and they ok'd it. If you had a specific stem in mind, they might be able to give you some insight ( ).

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Millenium works fine...C-40
Aug 26, 2001 2:46 PM
I can't imagine what the rational would be for not using the Millennium stem. The only ones I know of that aren't recommended have the parting line off-center (the big one). All others should be ok as long as you use the expanding plug, and don't overtighten the bolts.
re: stem for carbon steerertr
Aug 26, 2001 7:58 PM
I use a ITM Millenium on my carbon steerer (Reynolds) and it seems to work fine. Before i picked one i emailed Reynolds and they told me that they prefer the ITM Millenium and not to use Big One. I haven't had any problems so far.
Ritchey WCSgrzy mnky
Aug 27, 2001 8:01 AM
Rock solid unit (stiff as a crutch) at 125 g. and a reasonable price (comapred to other high end stems) of around $85. Wide four bolt removable face w/stainless steel bolts, reversable design/graphics, two bolt stem clamping mechanism with a diagonal slot to reduce stress. I've been running this and a Ritchey Pro stem on my Ouzo/Deda bars setup for over a year and a half - it rules from an engineering perspective. The asthetics aren't bad either.