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Ultegra 8spd 54 chainring(2 posts)

Ultegra 8spd 54 chainringarmisjam
Jun 13, 2001 11:44 AM
I'm riding a very hilly triathlon and want a 54 to keep cranking on a long descent. Any ideas on where to find one?
not what you need...C-40
Jun 13, 2001 8:29 PM
Changing to a 54, even from a 52 will only produce 1.3 mph more speed at a 100 rpm cadence. It's only a 3.7% change. If you've got a 53, the change will be half as much.

If you don't already have an 11 tooth cog, this will produce a significantly larger effect. Going to an 11 from a 12 is a 9% change. With an 8 speed cassette, you would need an 11-19 or an 11-21 cassette. The 11-21 would lack the important 16 tooth cog. 9 or 10 speed cassettes can come in handy on rolling terrain!

If you still think it's worth it, Excel Sports has 54T Sugino rings or up to 56T Stronglight rings that will work. You need rings with a 130mm bolt circle.