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Is a 50cm Colnago a good fit for me ?(8 posts)

Is a 50cm Colnago a good fit for me ?Edmund
Jun 12, 2001 8:03 PM
I know that I should get fitted at a local LBS for this question. But under the circumstances and time that I have... if you know the general answer it would be greatly appreciated. I am 5'7" with a 29 inch inseam. My arm length is 32". I was offered a 50cm Colnago Technos bike with 2001 Dura Ace Components for $1400. It seems comfortable but then again I have not been on the bike for 60 miles. Is a 50cm Colnago Technos a good fit for me
re: Is a 50cm Colnago a good fit for me ?JohnG
Jun 12, 2001 8:08 PM
A 50cm Colnago is a little on the small side for you.... yes, it would work but I'd guess a 52cm is the ideal size.

Colorado Cyclist has a nifty fit section you might want to check out. Remember, an ill fitting bike at any price is not a good deal.

good luck JohnG
You & I are about the same size anddavidl
Jun 12, 2001 10:19 PM
if the top tube is no longer than 525mm, and you like the bike, I'd get it. I wouldn't worry about standover height. Just my 2 cents worth.
re: Is a 50cm Colnago a good fit for me ?Dave Hickey
Jun 13, 2001 4:44 AM
It should fit, but it's just slightly on the small side. It's really not a problem unless the stem/bars are not high enough. With the saddle raised to it's proper height, make sure your not too bent over.
Either way, I think that's a great deal on this bike. If it's in good condition, you could easily sell it for what you paid for it.
How have you measured the 50cm Colnago?zelig1
Jun 13, 2001 5:39 AM
Colnago normally list their sizes measured center to top ("ctt"). I'm your height and arm length but with a 30" inseam (means you have a longer torso or a conehead-just kidding) and have frames which measure 50-52 ctc with top tubes of 52.5-53.4cm. Add about 1cm for ctt measurement. On the bikes with quill stems whose top tubes are 53-53.4cm, the stem length is 100 or 105. On the bike with ahead stem which has a top tube of 52.5cm, the stem length is 100 due to the lower height of the handlebars in this setup versus quill stems.

Indicative measurement, .6667x your inseam, would have you on a 49 ctc (50ctt) frame so the bike you're looking at is in the ball park. Since its indicative, you could go plus or minus 1 for actual size.

I'm not sure what year Tecno's you're looking at but but current production in a 50 ctt has a top tube of 52.3cm. Does the bike have a threadless or threaded steerer (or an ahead stem or a quill stem)?

My guess, and its just that, is the bike has enough seat setback for your leg size (51 might be better if you have a longer than normal femur for your leg length) and as for the top tube length, its fine, particularly if its fitted with a threadless stem (my guess is you'll need a 105-110 stem). If the bike's new, the price is a good one so its worth seriously considering keeping in mind that you might need to get a different size stem (depending on what it comes with).
How have you measured the 50cm Colnago?Information on the Colnago
Jun 14, 2001 6:28 AM
Hello Zelig,

The frame is perhaps a year or two old. The brake cable goes inside the toptube and not outside of it. My inseam is 30inch when barefoot (I remeasured). The crank length is 170mm and the stem length is 110mm. I hope I've given sufficient info.. Thanks for replying
How have you measured the 50cm Colnago?zelig1
Jun 14, 2001 8:17 AM
Same height, sleeve length and now inseam. Well, if I were to buy the frame new and were to use a threadless fork, I would buy a 51 or a 52 ctt. Definitely the latter if I were to use a threaded fork.

It depends on your view of the economics. New DA running gear's going to run you about $1,000 alone. Add on wheels, pedals, bar, stem and saddle and that's another $400-450. Does that mean the frame's free? At the end of the day, the frame is probably a bit small. Not fatal as it is when it's too large. It will be servicable and you can easily achieve proper riding position on the frame while retaining correct fore-aft balance. Again, in this case it boils down to your view of the economics.

One more thing. If the brake cable actually goes into the top tube near the head tube and then exits in front of the seat post at around 11 o'clock when look forward, as opposed to being split cable housing holders located around 7 o'clock with bare cable running between the two stops, its more than a couple of years old. Not sure exactly for how long but I'm fairly sure that Colnago hasn't been using the internal cable route for some time on the Technos. I'd definitely post the question here for other Technos riders.
probably too small, check inseam...C-40
Jun 13, 2001 4:43 PM
I'm your height, but I have a 32-5/8" inseam and ride a 55cm Colnago. Check your inseam properly, it's not your pants length. See fit info at

If you really have legs that short, your torso should be too long for a 50cm. You will probably have to get a frame that is as large as you can comfortably straddle (about 2cm clearance) to get enough top tube length.