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New CO2 inflator...what am I doing wrong??(12 posts)

New CO2 inflator...what am I doing wrong??PaulCL
Jun 12, 2001 7:36 PM
I just purchased a CO2 inflator ostensibly to replace carrying a frame pump, but I just can't get the thing to work right.

Here goes. Its' a SKS "Airchamp Pro". The only one available at my LBS. Using 12g cartridges, I can only inflate to 60psi, 16g only up to 80psi. Shouldn't I be able to do better??

As this was explained to me, I connect the inflator to my valve, hold down the trigger, then screw the two ends together so that I puncture and release the gas - do this as fast as possible. Problem is: it seems that most of the CO2 escapes out the sides of the inflator. The whole process seems clumsy as hell.

Tell me I am doing something wrong. Thanks. Paul
wrong sequence...C-40
Jun 12, 2001 7:44 PM
With the CO2 inflator that I use, the cartridge is first placed in the inflator and screwed together, puncturing the cylinder. Then the inflator is placed on the valve stem. The trigger is pulled last, to inflate the tube. Nothing has to be done quickly. No gas should escape until the trigger is pulled.
wrong sequence...vram
Jun 12, 2001 10:13 PM
After placing the catridge in the inflator, you need to screw the top firmly to puncture the catridge--you may need to do this fast otherwise some CO2 may escape.

I don't know about your inflator, but mine allows you to regulate the amount of CO2 that goes into the tube. So there is no need to panick, if yours has the same feature. You can let in as little or as much air as you need to fill the tube.

I use the 12gms catridges meant for air guns sold at walmart. They are cheap, so I use an entire catridge and half of another. That usually inflates the tire to 110 psi. Another solution is to carry a mini-pump and inflate the tire partially and then use the CO2 to top off.
Tried itPaulCL
Jun 13, 2001 8:11 AM
Maybe I have a lousy inflator. When I twist the top tight to puncture the cartridge, the vast majority of the CO2 escapes. I do this as fast as I can. I have practiced with about 6 cartridges (15 12g cartridges for $5.99 at KMart).

My inflator has holes on the side of the 'tube' - maybe I should try sealing those to minimize the gas leak. It seems that the gas escapes around the screw threads.

This is a real bummer 'cause I have to still carry a frame pump and/or I just blew $19.95 on a lousy product.
re: New CO2 inflator...what am I doing wrong??Spiderman
Jun 13, 2001 7:59 AM
sorry to interupt, but i have a general question about CO2 inflators. When i was taught to change the rubber on a wheel, i was told to inflate it to 30-40psi, stop and check it to make sure the tire was seeded properly. How can you do this with CO2 which immediately inflates it to 100+? any info would help, thanks.
I've never had a problem.Jim A
Jun 13, 2001 2:04 PM
I use the Ultraflate model from Innovations. I have never had the problems described here. No leakage when installing a cartridge; I mean zero leakage for either 12 or 16 g's. I can easily regulate air flow to fill in stages. Don't settle for only what's available at the LBS - it could be a model 2 or 3 generations old. Use mail order!
they don't all inflate instantly...C-40
Jun 13, 2001 4:48 PM
The models with a trigger can be modulated to partially fill the tire.
Well, I'm out $20...which brand should I buyPaulCL
Jun 13, 2001 7:29 PM
It looks like I bought a piece of garbage inflator. Too late to return it since I've used it numerous times-without success. Live and learn.

OK...which brand and/or specific model of inflator should I buy??
return it anyway....C-40
Jun 13, 2001 8:42 PM
If the thing doesn't work I'd try to return it, unless you've had it for months. The Ultraflate model should be OK. Mine's so old I can't remember the manufacturer, maybe Innovations. I always use the cheap unthreaded 12 gram cartridges.

Also remember that CO2 is for temporary inflation. If you inflate with it, let the CO2 out when you get home, and reinflate with air. A lot of the CO2 leaks out of the tube after a day or so. It might make you think the new tube also has a leak. Won't attempt to explain why this happens.
Just used my Ultraflate last week!waterman
Jun 13, 2001 9:54 PM
Innovations Ultraflate at $16

I just used my ultrflate for the first time last week.

Very, very nice.

No air leakage and you can regulate how much air is released. I filled my tube a tiny bit, stuffed the tube & tire on the rim and filled more air, once everything looked good filled the rest of the way.

Since it was 108 degrees that day, I am very happy I did not have to push a pump!
I ordered one today. The other one is going back (nm) THANKSPaulCL
Jun 14, 2001 7:20 PM
Cheap 12g cartridgespilotpat
Jun 14, 2001 8:07 PM
I posted a similar message on the other boards, but thought it could be said again. Don't buy the carts at the LBS for $1.39 each or whatever. Go to WalMart and buy a box of 25 Crossman Powerlets (BB-gun CO2 Carts) which are identical. Should run you about $12 or so.