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cannondale R700 front wheel(2 posts)

cannondale R700 front wheelclyde dale
Jun 12, 2001 5:58 PM
i have a C-dale R700 that i purchased in 1995 and after 2 years i let it sit. it's back out now and i keep getting front flats. (i had a problem initially when i bought the bike....the rim strips sucked and the tube kept going into the spoke holes.) i replaced the rim strips and didn't have a problem. now i've ridden the bike three times and blown 3 tubes. i think its the rim. the bike shop i brought it to put new rim tape to cover the spoke holes. i'm also 230lbs and i fill the tire to the proper pressure before i ride. any solutions???
I'm going to support your LBS.Spoke Wrench
Jun 12, 2001 7:21 PM
Whenever you have a flat tire it's worth the small amount of effort it takes to determine what caused the flat. If you are getting repeated flats, its usually either from a thorn or piece of glass that is still stuck in your tire or else crummy rim strips. It's easy to tell which it is. Is the hole in your tube on the inside or outside circumference? If its on the inside, you have a spoke hole uncovered. The right width of Velox rim tape will solve your problem. Sounds to me like that's what your bike shop did.