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8 sp sti problem(4 posts)

8 sp sti problemrodemiles
Jun 12, 2001 10:42 AM
I have an older model dura ace 8 sp sti shifter that is giving me a problem. It shifts down the block fine but when shifting up it won't return to it's correct position. I have to manually move it back into position. Anybody got any suggestions?
When did you last over-haul your shifters?seth1
Jun 12, 2001 11:10 AM
Unfortunately this is a pretty involved proceedure. I was told by one shop that I had to send it back to Shimano. I went to another shop and they injected some kind of cleaner followed by some grease. That worked very well. How old is the cable? How often do you clean the deraleur?
When did you last over-haul your shifters?rodemiles
Jun 12, 2001 1:33 PM
I haven't overhauled the shifters before now. It's not the cable: the shifter is currently off the bike and is still binding. Sure wish I know how they cleaned yours and greased it.

Two-step processKerry Irons
Jun 12, 2001 6:25 PM
1) "increase" your cable tension. IOW, back out the adjuster barrel at the deraileur. If you are shifting well to smaller cogs, but not shifting up to larger cogs, you need to take some slack out of the cable. Only if/when it shifts poorly in both directions can you conclude that you have cable, derailleur, or shifter problems.

2) Shimano shifters are generally "no user serviceable parts inside" but you can improve their performance by flushing them with some light weight lube. TriFlow works well because it is available in an aerosol with a spray tube that you can get in all the nooks and crannies. Sluicing in the lube while shifting through the gears is a messy operation but serves to clean and lube the shifters. If you get the urge, you can follow this up with some spray grease (available at hardware and automotive stores - usually lithium grease) for a little longer lasting lube. Also, this might be the time to bring up cable lubrication, and even lube of the pivots on your derailleur. One other thing you can play with is the "B" screw on the derailleur - the one that adjusts the angle of the derailleur body relative to the hanger. A hint: try to remember the original setting of this screw so you can take it back to starting point if it makes things worse or does no good.