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old pedals shimano pd1056(2 posts)

old pedals shimano pd1056massimo
Jun 12, 2001 8:45 AM
It's my first time to post here. It's possible that this may have been discussed previously, but for those who can help me,...please indulge me.

I remember reading a couple of months ago that shimano pedals (look system) pd1056 series are actually very good. That even Lance Armstrong to this date still uses them. Well, I came across a pair that in very good condition and I'm thinking of giving up my Ritchey pedal for them. I'm tired of having difficulty clipping in,..but is the pedal's weight and durability worth the trade?

Thanks in advance guys.
Ahhh..the memoriesMike Prince
Jun 13, 2001 3:06 AM
I rode with Dura-Ace PD-7401's (the pedal Lance uses now) back in the early 90's. Marriage and kids meant I gave up (sold) my 2 road bikes for nearly eight years. My current road bikes both have Looks on them now as the Shimanos seem to be out of production, and while they are a fine pedal, I do miss my 7401's. They may have been a little heavier due to their solid construction (I wasn't a gram-counter in 1990), but I think they are the best pedal I have ever used.

I personally would go for the Shimano Look-type pedal. As best I can remember, Look made the bodies while the internals (axle and bearings) were supplied by Shimano. I never had a problem with mine in three years of use. All I did was do a yearly overhaul and kept the cleats in good repair.

My $.02