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chris king hubs(2 posts)

chris king hubsvoitto
Jun 11, 2001 4:16 PM
if wheels are built me , say 18 blade spokes up front 24 rear wheel , do the chris king hubs need a certain or special drilling for blade spokes on the classic hubsets what about the changing uot of hubs on my rolf vector proes shuold i change uot to chris king classic hubs what will the hubsets drilling be for these rolf vector proes rim 14 blade spokes upfront 16 blade spokes at the rear thanks god love yuo will from nevada at
re: chris king hubsgrz mnky
Jun 12, 2001 1:16 PM
First, you have to match the drilling pattern in the hubs with the rims or at least have a whole number multiple (i.e. 32 hole hub for a 16 spoke rim). Otherwise spoke calculations get all thrown off and the build will not be symetrical. Realize that the loading is significnatly increased and you may start breaking spokes and nipples. Most bladed spokes require that the hubs be slotted, by hand, and this usually voids any warranty on the hub. DT may have a new spoke that doesn't require slotting and some mfr.s make hubs that will take a slotted spoke. What you're considering is outside the "norm" and you'd probably be better off talking to an expert like Dave's and Chris King. They may have already come up with something or advise you against doing it based on their experience.