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Dura Ace 7700C Levers/Shifters(6 posts)

Dura Ace 7700C Levers/Shiftersslowhand
Mar 9, 2001 1:34 PM
Are Dura Ace 7700C Shifters/Levers compatible with an Ultegra 600 drivetrain? If not, what other components would need to be changed for compatibility purposes?

Who has the best deal on Dura Ace stuff? SuperGo seems to be the cheapest for most items. Anyone know of better pricing?

re: Dura Ace 7700C Levers/Shiftersgrz mnky
Mar 9, 2001 3:02 PM
Well, DA used to be in it's own 8 speed world. Now that it's a brave new 9 speed world DA and Ultegra are compatible, except the DA STi levers won't shift a tripple. DA has even added Flight Deck - just make sure you get the proper kit if you go this way. However, if you intend to upgrade from say, 8 speed ultegra to 9 speed DA you will need several items (shifters, inner chainring, rear casette, & chain). You can get away with the older style der., but the front shifting might be a bit clunky since the plate width changed just a bit. The weight savings of 9 speed Ultegra to 8 speed is about 1 lb. on the full group. DA 9 saves about 6 oz. over Ultegra 9.

Excel Sports ( seems to have good prices and their service is great. If you order from an out of state location you get to skip paying sales tax, but the shipping might be a bit less. If you really want to save money you should check the classifieds for some lightly used stuff. Supergo is very hard to beat when they have some of their _insane_ deals.

Good luck with your changes - I ended up putting everything in a small spreadsheet to help with the cost-benefit analysis and various combos. I wanted to go with the DA, but wound up doing a 9 speed Ultegra tripple conversion on the wife's bike and I got her 9 speed Ultegra double components. Between us we bought one set of parts instead of two.
re: Dura Ace 7700C Levers/ShiftersWessley
Mar 9, 2001 4:52 PM
Dura Ace 9 speed STI shifters will shift an 8 speed ultegra(600) drivetrain if you use an 8 speed Dura Ace rear derailer.I got two setup that way. Another way to do it is switch the 8 speed cssette to 9 speed and and get a 9 speed chain,and keep the ultegra derailers.If you are talking 7 speed,then I duno.....
re: Dura Ace 7700C Levers/ShiftersDave Hickey
Mar 10, 2001 4:28 AM
Unless you are running a total 9 speed setup, Dura Ace shifters will only work with a Dura Ace rear derailluer.This applies to downtube or STI levers. If you want to buy 7700 shifters, you would also need a 7400(6sp),7401(6-7sp),7403(8spd),7700(9sp) rear derailluer. By the way, all of the above rear derailluers will work on an 8 speed setup.
re: Dura Ace 7700C Levers/Shiftersslowhand
Mar 12, 2001 7:09 AM
I forgot to put in my post that my Ultegra 600 is 9 speed. Therefore, it appears that the new Dura Ace 7700C Shifters are compatible.

Thanks for the advice.
Try this site.gwilliams
Mar 12, 2001 7:41 AM