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sti/9speed upgrade question(3 posts)

sti/9speed upgrade questionaron
Aug 27, 2001 10:13 PM
i'm currently running the following 8speed setup:
dura-ace front/rear derailleurs and down tube shifters
campy c-record cranks and rings

i'd like to upgrade to sti/9speed. the ultegra/dura-ace upgrade kits i've seen come with rear derailleur, cassette, shifter/brake levers, and chain. i've heard conflicting stories on whether the new components will work with the existing 8speed rings and front derailleur. any thoughts?

re: sti/9speed upgrade questionEric H
Aug 28, 2001 9:03 AM
Your 8spd D/A front derailleur will work fine. I have used the 8spd 39/53 chainrings with success as well, though some claim it is possible to have the chain get "caught" in the gap between the front chainrings. I used a 9spd SRAM/Sachs chain, on D/A 7410 cranks. I'm not sure about the C-record cranks, but it is probably worth trying to use them before changing out chainrings and/or cranks. Basically, you will need the STI levers, rear derailleur, cassette, and a 9spd chain.
Ditto on Eric H and Campy C userzelig
Aug 28, 2001 10:59 AM
Same setup you have, 8spd DA and Campy C-Record crank and went 9spd DA. Only changed the rear derailleur, chain, STI and cassette on Xmas 1999. I bought new Campy Record chain rings in mid-1999 (not C-Record or NOS), probably 9spd models. Everything works fine. The issue with chain getting caught between the front chainrings is related to the chainrings, not the front derailleur. I have about 4,000 miles using a 9 spd SRAM chain and it's never been an issue. The cage on the 9spd FD is a little bit narrower than the 8spd. I haven't notice any problems. Since you don't have to buy a crank, why not go DA with the 9spd bits you need? Also, Campy replacement rings are expensive so you might want to look at TA rings as well.

I have a couple sets of 8spd DA stuff, STI's, DT levers, rear derailleurs and lots of cassettes, and never thought I'd switch. The upgrade was a Xmas present and I don't know why I didn't make the change sooner.