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Are Speedplay cleats heavier than Look cleats?(8 posts)

Are Speedplay cleats heavier than Look cleats?CyCLeTroPic
Aug 27, 2001 7:08 PM
Speedplay pedals are advertised as lighter than Look pedals, but I want to know if the Speedplay cleats make up the difference in weight. Anybody have both types with an objective opinion??? OK ok, I'm a weight weenie.

If you happen to know, do the Speedplay cleats fit on all Look shoes?
re: Are Speedplay cleats heavier than Look cleats?DrD
Aug 28, 2001 3:18 AM
Yes, they are heavier than look cleats (go to - they list cleat weights), but the pedal + cleat weight is still quite a bit less than Looks, I think (obviously depends on which models we are comparing)

Yes - the speedplay cleat fits on shoes which take a Look cleat (the cleat baseplate has three bolts in the Look pattern), but there are some exceptions - the speedplay website has a fairly complete list of which shoes will and which shoes will not work for the past few years.

Also - there are some shoes which allow you to skip the baseplate, further reducing the cleat weight.

One thing to consider - both pedals "feel" very different - if you can try the Speedplays before you buy them, do so (some people, like myself, really like them - while others just can't seem to cope with the large ammount of float - though there is a new model out which has variable float - the cleat on that one looks a little worrisome, though)
re: Are Speedplay cleats heavier than Look cleats?cycletropic
Aug 28, 2001 7:27 PM
Thanks for the response. I just haven't found a local shop that will let customers try the pedals out. I mean, do the speedplay's let you twist your feet left and right without disengaging?? That's the impression that I'm getting.
re: Are Speedplay cleats heavier than Look cleats?DrD
Aug 29, 2001 3:29 AM
They have quite a bit more float than other pedals - I switched from a SPD pedal to the X/2's and the biggest thing I noticed wasn't so much that there was a ton of float (I noticed that, too), but that the float was completely free - there is no spring tension holding your foot more or less straight. I really notice it when I go out on my MTB which has SPD's on it. (I suppose one could argue that I didn't have my cleats aligned just right for my old shoes (though I only notice the spring tension when moving around on the bike, so maybe not) - the counter to that would be that with the Speedplays, you don't even need to worry about rotational alignment of the cleat)

Clipping out requires a larger rotation than most pedals, but I guess I already rotated my feet enough, as I had no trouble clipping out from day 1. Also - when clipping in, you get the nice "click" that most pedals do - however, clipping out is silent - you rotate your feet far enough, and the cleat disengages.

Some people complain about the free float, particularly when out of the saddle (some describe it as like standing on ice cubes) but I didn't get anything like that - sure, I can wiggle my feet all around if I try to, so I guess if you have a really ugly pedal stroke, you might notice something (I also think if the cleat is too far forward on the shoe, you will have troubles, too), but it has been a non-issue for me.

I really like the pedals, and would never consider going back to another system.

One other thing - if you walk around in mud with your road shoes, you may have some issues with the cleat not engaging properly (mud will get in there and bind up the spring in the cleat) - regular dirt doesn't cause any problems (I have never had difficulties after going off the side of the road to fix a flat, etc.), and the cleat covers help. Another alternative if mud is in your future would be the SPeedplay frogs - their MTB pedal
re: Are Speedplay cleats heavier than Look cleats?cycletropic
Aug 29, 2001 6:13 AM
Thanks again for the detailed and thorough info. I don't remember if you mentioned this, but have you ever tried the Look pedals with float or just SPDs? I'm currently using SPDs on my road bike cause I have them on my MTB. It's time to graduate.
re: Are Speedplay cleats heavier than Look cleats?DrD
Aug 29, 2001 10:08 AM
No - I have only ridden SPD's (like you, I had them on both bikes - after an unintentional release hopping over some road debris at speed, I decided I wanted pedals which couldn't do that, which for me justified the upgrade to the X/2 pedals with road specific shoes - I used Specialized road comp shoes at first, then switched to Carnac Ellipses last December)
re: Are Speedplay cleats heavier than Look cleats?CyCLeTroPic
Aug 30, 2001 11:19 AM
Very funny. That's exactly why I'm upgrading. As I jumped out of the saddle for a sprint over some rough road, my right shoe popped out of the pedal. Not good when you're going above 30mph. I also experienced the "hot spot" effect that many riders complained about.

Happy riding.
re: Are Speedplay cleats heavier than Look cleats?peloton
Sep 1, 2001 8:19 AM
This is an old argument, and pedals are very personal pieces of equipment but I'll add my experience. I rode the Speedplays for a year. I found that you can pop out of the Speedplays unexpectedly too. I have had two races where I have came out of a pair of Speedplays without warning. Both times I was traveling at speed around a corner when the inside pedal released unexpectedly. My theory is because there is free float, you can't feel when the pedal is getting close to it's release point like you can with a pedal with some spring tension increasing before release. The pedal then may release unexpectly when you are using some body english to get around corners or other racers. The hot spots under the foot with the small surface area of the Speedplays also bothered me on long and hard rides. I believe it was Doug Sloan who reported here having bruises on his feet that perfectly matched the shape of his Speedplays after a long ride. I also had more knee problems with the Speedplay pedals than I do with some other systems. The free float may help your knees, or it may not. It depends on your personal alignment over the pedal. If you supinate, you may find the Speedplays to roll too much to the outside for your taste and alignment. People who pronate probably won't find this to be an issue. I did find the construction and weight of the Speedplays to be very good. I just couldn't live with them mainly due to the fact that they hurt my knee. I personally feel more secure and comfortable in a Look pedal. Less hotspots, knees feel better, and less accidental releases than with the Speedplays in my experience. FWIW