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CF bars(13 posts)

CF barsjtolleson
Aug 24, 2001 8:28 AM
A friend got 'em and loves 'em. Modest weight savings, supposedly some good dampening of road shock. And plus I think they look cool, since I have a brushed ti bike and silly trendiness aside we all know that brushed ti is butt-ugly!

I'm looking for opinions. Yes? No? Which ones? Durability issues?

I'm 5'7", 150, long road rides, sport tours, and plenty of climbing (Colorado) are what dominates my season. No racing.
Which Ones?grzy mnky
Aug 24, 2001 8:37 AM
I'm aware of the Kestrel and the Easton products - any others?

I favor the Easton model - they have a lot of experience from their MTB products and their weight is sub 200 g. and very stiff. Kestrel is nice also, but I don't believe that they have the anatomical bends. A nice aspect is the amount of higher frequency vibration that they absorb. The alu. bars are usually significatnly heavier than advertised.
Which Ones?TJeanloz
Aug 24, 2001 12:02 PM
I'm aware of at least two others, a Cinelli model, that I don't think is available in the US (yet), but I think it has some aluminium sleeves for support. The Cinelli RAM, integrated stem/bar, maybe the coolest looking bike thing this month. And, I believe that the Swiss concern CAT makes one as well.
re: CF barsCliff Oates
Aug 24, 2001 8:48 AM
I have a couple of friends with Kestrel bars. Both have crashed since installing them and the bars have survived unscathed. The Kestrels have cable grooves on both sides, while the Easton bars do not have grooves on either side. The weight difference between the two is 40 grams (180 vs. 220). One friend says his carbon bars reduce road shock.

I think Dog (Doug) is running Kestrel bars, and he is a self-avowed weight weanie, so you may want to ask what went into his choice.
re: CF barsjtolleson
Aug 24, 2001 11:09 AM
Thanks guys. As a non-racer saying I want to do it for "weight savings" would probably be a little dishonest (though who doesn't think that a superlight steed is cool?)

Kestrel and Easton are the only two I've seen. My friend has the Kestrel and really likes 'em. But I wanted to solicit more than one riders opinion (and this board is a great place for opinions).
re: CF barsIan
Aug 24, 2001 11:40 AM
Go with the Easton. They have quite a bit of experience in this arena. Visit their site, for an example of the testing their stuff goes through. I have had an Easton CT2 mountain bar for about a year and have been using their EC-90 road bar for about 6 months. The Easton road bar may vary in weight by 1%-2%, I have heard the Kestrel can vary by as much as 10%. So that would make a 220 gram bar over 240 grams. At that weight you may as well go with aluminum.
Now that's kinda a cool website!jtolleson
Aug 24, 2001 1:08 PM
Another oneMike Prince
Aug 24, 2001 5:41 PM
I've seen some over here in England made by a company called LP Composites (I think, I'll check). They make seatposts (for Pinarello and their own label) as well as carbon stems. I think they advertise their road bar at 170 grams and it has double cable grooves. According to what I've read these are the most used C/F bar in the European peloton.

These are regularly advertised in Cycling Plus or Cycling Weekly, both British publications. If my memory is correct (at 2:35 am local time) these retail for 170 GBP, which is about $245, so if the $160 or so of the Eastons makes you squirm, these may not be the ones to consider. I'll check if I have a Cycling Weekly at the house and if anything I posted here is off, I'll re-post the right info.

LP Compositesjtolleson
Aug 24, 2001 7:25 PM
Let me know what you learn about their roadie bar offerings in the UK.

I have an LP catalog which should a rad CF seatpost (ok, aesthetically cool, the carbon/kevlar weave includes yellow fibres that would look good with my bike's yellow decals) but it showed only MTB bars. I had heard decent things about the seatpost.
WR CompositiMike Prince
Aug 24, 2001 11:41 PM
Sorry, it was late last night. The company is WR Compositi, Italian I think. Th UK distributor is Dave Lloyd Bikesport, The WR homepage is

I looked in a ProCycling magazine this morning and SRP on the bars is more like $275(!). Anyway, at least you have accurate info now.

Easton EC-90 Review....C-40
Aug 25, 2001 11:01 AM
The Easton EC90 bars are adequately stiff. After riding on gravel sealed roads, I couldn't determine if they absorb road vibration any better than aluminum, but I'm using them on a C-40 that's all carbon, so road vibration isn't a big issue in the first place.

The bars weigh in as advertised at about 185 grams in the 40cm size (c-c).

The bend of the EC90 bars isn't perfectly suited to Campy Ergo levers. It's difficult to get the hoods positioned with any upward angle (which improves comfort). The levers have to be mounted as high as possible on the curve, just to get the hoods level. The bars can be rotated up slightly, but not much or it fouls up the angle of the ergonomic drop section (becomes too vertical). I found the drop section to be most comfortable with the ends of the bar horizontal.

Reach to the brake levers, in the drops, is a bit longer than ITM or DEDA bars, which isn't good for those with short fingers. The drop section is longer than DEDA, which is good if you've got big hands. The overall reach to the brake hoods is about the same as ITM or DEDA bars, perhaps a few millimeters shorter if anything. A shorter stem is not required with these bars.

The lack of cable grooves is not a problem if you route both cables along the front of the bar. I always use fiberglass reinforced strapping tape to tape the cable housing firmly in place. If placed correctly, the cables will fall into the middle joint of the finger, when using the top position. You should barely notice the cables.

The bars are advertised to be 26.0mm diameter. Mine measured between 25.8 and 25.9mm, depending on where the measurement was taken. Like all bars, you'll find that they aren't perfectly round. They worked fine with an ITM millenium stem, which is advertised as 25.8mm diameter. It never hurts to check the fit before bolting down the faceplate of the stem. You could get bars that measure on the large side, and a stem on the small side of the allowable manufacturing tolerances. Place the bars into the stem by hand and note any tendency to pinch the bars at the parting face. If the bar is being pinched, filing a small chamfer along the edge of the parting face will cure the problem.
Stella Azzurrajustaguy
Aug 25, 2001 11:06 PM
Hey, a company named Stella Azzurra (sorry i can't remember the website now, there is one, but they redid another better one. i'll post it in a couple days) makes a really sweet looking carbon bar, about the same weight as the easton and with grooves. they also make a sweet 100 gram magnesium stem. I'm pretty sure they're based in italy but have distributors all over the world.
sorry, website is stellaazzurra.comjustaguy
Aug 26, 2001 10:29 PM