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Any Comments on Used Carbon Forks???(3 posts)

Any Comments on Used Carbon Forks???alexfr99
Aug 23, 2001 8:19 PM
I am looking at buying a used Kestrel EMS carbon fork on ebay. The guy selling it does not seem to know anything about it but claims that it is very low mileage. It fits my bike to a "T" but i wonder if i am being penny wise and otherwise foolish. It is listing for less than 1/2 the new list price at say.....Nashbar.....any thoughts??
re: Any Comments on Used Carbon Forks???tcr01
Aug 24, 2001 5:43 AM
Without being able to visually inspect the fork, I would not recommend purchasing anything used that is carbon fiber. The EMS is a pretty solid fork. I did have a problem with the clear finish starting to crack on mine and decided to junk it. You can get great deals on brand new EMS forks. I would also check out the Ouza Comp which is very comparable to the EMS and goes for around $199. How much is your safety worth?
On the other hand, the EMS is pretty solidly built.jw25
Aug 24, 2001 11:01 AM
Depending on the asking price, and the detail of any pictures the seller has, I'd say why not?
I picked up a slightly used Profile BRC on Ebay for a song ($55, I think), and it's taken 18 months of riding with no complaints. I recently picked up a new, but slightly shopworn ARC for a friend for $65, and the shopwear was 1 paint chip on the alloy crown.
However, Ebay, and any used item, is caveat emptor. At worst, you'll be out whatever you payed, but IMHO the Kestrel forks are pretty stoutly built, and damage severe enough to shorten the lifespan should be visible at the steerer or crown.
As for carbon steerer forks, there I want new only, as it's pretty easy to break fibers in the steerer, and the damage is invisible until something goes very wrong. I'm all for saving money, but I'd like to save my teeth, too.