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Heart Rate Monitor, any suggestions ???(7 posts)

Heart Rate Monitor, any suggestions ???Crash
Aug 23, 2001 3:45 PM
I don't have one yet, but I was thinking about getting a heart rate monitor. Would this really be a big help to someone who is only doing 80 - 130 miles a week ? What brands does everyone use ?
re: Heart Rate Monitor, any suggestions ???Velocipedio
Aug 26, 2001 7:56 AM
I've been doing 300-400 km [180-250 miles] per week this summer, and I'm DEFINIRTELY keen to get a heart rate monitor. I think I'm at the point where I could really benefit from it. I also want to get a new computer to replace my ageing Cateye -- I want a wireless cycle'puter/heart rate monitor with cadence. I'm told that Polar has something in that line, though I don't know which model it is [Polar's Web site frankly sucks].

Everyone I know who has a HRM swears by Polar.'s the state of the artjagiger
Aug 27, 2001 7:52 PM
Unfortunately, we send people to the moon, but we cann't make a decent HRM for a decent price. I recently got a SI90HR (Sports Instruments) & the HRM never worked. The cyclecomputer/monitor attaches to the hb in a flimsy fashion & it flicked off the bars, the very 1st time I used it. That knocked the battery out of alignment, if you can believe that & small taps (rr tracks) would reset the unit. I sent the thing back & I'm waiting of the replacement & thinking of ways to stablize the unit on the HB. I skeptical but if the HRM functions work...I may one day be happy!??
re: Heart Rate Monitor, any suggestions ???Newbie
Aug 29, 2001 9:32 AM
Timex had just come out with new Ironmam Heart Rate Monitor watches. Chest strap is similar to the Polar wathes, plus you get all the regular functions of your typical Ironman watch. Here in Canada it retails for about $130 CAN, which is less than the Polar watches. I dont know of anyone who has tested one, but I bet you Timex has done thier homework.
Aug 29, 2001 11:15 AM
Suggestion 4 Heart Rate MonitorPer
Sep 9, 2001 3:44 AM
Have used the Polar S510 for approx. 2000km and I'm really happy! I bought it for $250 in Sweden with the cadens kit. The good part about this computer are:
- Wireless! no wires to any of the parts. Only smal plastic boxes to fit on the fork and frame. Fiting was easy and I hade no problem with the strange fork of my Giant OCR.
-Easy to operate! No problems here, nice software in the computer.
-Coded transmisson between the parts of the computer. No interferens from powerlines or other HRMs.
-Computerlink! Links with Polar sonic link to the computer. You can upload data from your ride to the computer and download new settings to the HRM.
-Polar quality! They have the knowlege to make HRM!
-Advanced interval training software in the computer.

There is nothing in the computer that I miss, everything is in there.

The only bad thing about it apart from the price maybe is that it sometimes showes wrong data. That the thing with having things wireless, the transmission can never be 100%.

Put alot of thought when I select my new computer and came to the conclution that this was the best one. My old Cateye HR100 was also good but hade some trasmission problems close to powerlines and other HRMs. Used that one for 5 years before it broke down totaly. That one is a good cheap computer if you are on a budget.
The cadenskit is very useful! I gained alot of speed when I learned to pedal with the right cadens in every moment.
re: Heart Rate Monitor, any suggestions ???Ian
Sep 10, 2001 5:20 AM
I used a Cateye HR/cyclocomputer combo for about 4 years. It worked well and I had no complaints with it. But then I wanted to upgrade to a Flight Deck computer so I bought the Polar M71ti. That works fine also and doubled as a casual watch. But, I just got rid of that and bought a new one called Ciclosport HAC4. It is a HR/cyclocomputer combined, with altitude, % grade, watts and a bunch of other stuff. I will keep my Flight Deck for the gear display and wireless cadence. I have not even had the chance to ride with the new one yet, but it looks promising.