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Any thoughts on new campy Record single pivot rear brakes?(4 posts)

Any thoughts on new campy Record single pivot rear brakes?bill
Aug 21, 2001 7:49 AM
Or ultra vs. exa drive cassettes (Chorus)? I ordered a new kit, and it arrived with the dual pivot rear brake calipers instead of the spiffy new single pivot rear calipers that weigh 40 gms less. Branford Bike says that they stop as well, and, you know, if you're going zooty, go zooty. On the other hand, 40 gms ain't much, I'm not really a weight weenie anyway, and I'm not a small rider (165-170 lbs), so if there is extra stopping power in the two-pivot design, I'll need it. I also am dying to put them on the bike. Any thoughts?
I think that I will hold out for the ultra drive cassette, which I've heard shifts a little better, but any thoughts there?
I like my differencial setup....Cima Coppi
Aug 21, 2001 9:18 AM
My Record differencial setup works great, but as far as true stopping power of the single pivot brake, I cannot comment. I brake primarily with my front dual pivot, and rely on the rear for minor breaking around corners or in a paceline. Overall, the brakes stop me on a dime, and I'm heavier than you.

You are correct that 40 gms is not much to be concerned about, so I'd suggest sticking with your dual pivots. Anyway, you cannot just by the rear single pivot brake, you have to purchase the set.

Good luck

re: Any thoughts on new campy Record single pivot rear brakes?Jofa
Aug 21, 2001 12:24 PM
They operate with a roughly 4:1 leverage ratio, rather than the 5.6:1 ratio of the DP's. There's no way of changing the effective power of brakes than to change this ratio, whatever fancy mechanism's are employed to cloud the issue. Therefore, they require slightly more hand pressure for a given rim force than the DP's with which you're accustomed, which might be construed as 'worse', but has the advantage that the pad clearance can be hgher without fear of the lever touching the bars.

They have other advantages, which is that the longer lever arm means the pads move in a wider arc, and are always aligned with the rim irrespective of wear- unlike DP's; and if your wheel is knocked badly out of true, then a single-pivot will track with the wheel rather than obstruct it. This design has of course dominated from the 60's to the 90's and reasonably so, there being no better so far. If I were you, I'd spec one on the front and get yourself another 40g saving to boot.

re: Any thoughts on new campy Record single pivot rear brakes?flybyvine
Aug 22, 2001 7:22 PM
I've been riding them since the beginning of the year after riding DP's. I haven't noticed that much difference (if anything I have noticed a reduction in the power of the front brakes cf old Ultegras).

Either way I still manage to lock up the rear when put under pressure (like an impending car crash) and I'm around 82kg. The way I think of it - the heavier you are the more stopping power you need BUT your upper body is likelly to be stronger and as will your grip will be in an emergency !!